5 Tips to Get Ahead In Call of Duty Mobile

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Call of Duty: Mobile has been popular in only a few days since its release. Instead of focusing on the single-player campaign like other games of the franchise, this mobile game has more emphasis on online multiplayer. Many new players join it every day to try its Multiplayer and Battle Royale mode.

As you read this, chances are you’ve tried Call of Duty: Mobile. Have you been doing well? If that’s the case, awesome. If not, then you must read this guide.

How to Win Every Call of Duty Mobile Match

Time Needed : 10 minutes

Read this 5 tips below to upscale your game in Call of Duty: Mobile.

  1. Practice Makes Perfect

    Yeah, it's cliche, but that's not a mere motivational quote. Practice does make perfect. Good news is Call of Duty: Mobile has a Practice Mode, in which you can learn the mechanics, try various loudouts, and practice deliberately. You can also explore the maps without having to fight with opponents, which is convenient for spotting important areas in the game before joining the actual match. Call Of Duty Mobile Practice

  2. Form a Squad

    You can play in a squad with other players you find in-game. However, it is better to have a squad with your actual friends. Group up with your friends, so you can communicate better, or even better, meet up IRL. Call Of Duty Mobile Squad

  3. Personalize Your Settings

    For Call of Duty: Mobile, don't be satisfied with the default settings. Adjust the sensitivity levels and see how it suits your playing style. You can even customize the position of the buttons. Try to find what settings work best for you.Call Of Duty Mobile

  4. Take Cover

    For almost every shooter game, it is always good to take cover. Being out in the open is dangerous, as snipers can take you down easily. Always remember to hide when you can. This is where the crouch button is most useful. You can even go prone and then hide behind cover. Of course, always be mindful of your position. Call Of Duty Mobile Take Cover

  5. Don't get too comfortable

    You may have found your niche weapons, loadouts, or playing style after some matches. But there might be maps that force you to change up your strategy. This is why customizing your loadout is key. You have five slots and you can customize them according to various maps and roles. Cod Mobile Battle Royale Loadout

  • A mobile phone which can run Call of Duty Mobile smoothly.
  • Courage and Spirit to achieve the Call of Duty: Mobile mastery.

Hopefully, with this guide you’re on your way to a better multiplayer experience with Call of Duty: Mobile. If you’re a beginner and you need to know the basics, check out this beginners’ guide.


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