Here Is The Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Judgement Of Atlantis Complete Guide

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Judgement Of Atlantis

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey latest DLC is available now. For your information, this DLC, Judgement of Atlantis, is the last act in the Ancient Greece timeline. So it’s important to get the best ending you want, by reading this Judgement of Atlantis guide.

Below are some “good” endings you can get by following certain choices. The main story won’t change all that much. But some character arcs and storylines are affected by the choices you make.

What “good” endings mean is where some “good” characters survive. These endings are the outcome of probably the most “righteous” choices to make in the game. You may see them as not absolutely right since “good” and “righteous” are relative. It really depends on our view.

And to be noticed, spoilers ahead. If you are not ready to read this yet, play the game first. But if you want to know the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Judgement of Atlantis’ multiple endings and how to get them, just read on.

Assassin’s Creed Odissey Judgement of Atlantis Walkthrough

Before Proceeding to The Main Judgement Of Atlantis Story


First thing to do, speak to Alethia on the island of Thera. During the cutscenes at the beginning of the story, there are a couple of golden dialogue choices, but they don’t affect the story too much. Just choose “I’m sorry about what happened,” and “I’m up to the challenge.”

Before you proceed to the main story of Judgement of Atlantis, find the Keeper’s Insights of Atlantis and level up your Isu Knowledge to at least level 3. This way you can defeat enemies through the entire storyline without having many problems.

By doing these, you will discover many of the fast-travel viewpoints around the city which come in handy later. But, if you’d rather just jump into the main quest, you’ll find the Doma of Atlas in the center of the city.

Burden of Leadership

Burden Of Leadership

The Burden of Leadership quest is a bit of a frame for other tasks, so you don’t complete its tasks linearly. Choose “Happy to help” for the dialog.

The Atlantean Patient

Judgement Of Atlantis

The Archon Azaes is in the southeast of the Tower of Intuition viewpoint. It’s in the inner ring of the city. You can find him in a little area behind some net curtains. Go and speak to him. In the first dialogue option where you can agree to find the device or purge the sickness, just pick either option. You’ll have to go and find the device anyway.

Go to the nearby Consus Archive. After you clear out the enemies, move the block in the corner behind the blue screen. Follow the passageway, then move a second block into a new hidden area. Then. grab the glowing cloth from around the corner and return to Azaes. At the clinic, use the device, then keep using it.

Rebel Scum

Judgement Of Atlantis

Next, you can find Ampheres on the outer Porimos Ring, just to the south of the Fortified Doma of Autochthonos. In the first conversation, pick “You must have your reasons,” and then, “No killing. I’ll destroy the supplies.”

Go to the quest marker and burn the supplies. They’re heavily guarded, so it’s much easier to just run around and hit them with a torch than try and be stealthy. After that, report back to Ampheres. In the conversation, say “The humans are not a threat.”

Crowd Pleaser

Crowd Pleaser

Find Gadiros in an arena in the eastern Atlantis. In the first conversation, say “Distractions don’t solve problems.” Then, kill the two weaker guards with arrows straight away so you don’t fail the objective. Deal with the rest to move onto the next stage.

Defeat the arena champion. At the end of the fight, you can choose to execute or show mercy. The same thing happens after both, so just choose mercy if you prefer to. Next, Gadrios pits you against defenseless criminals. You can either choose to kill them or walk away. If you walk away, things will go worse. So choose to deliver justice and kill the criminals. These actions make the crowd and Gadrios less hostile, and you can walk away without much more harm.

Burden Of Leadership Part 2

Judgement Of Atlantis

Now report back to Atlas. This cutscene is one of the major turning points in the DLC. It will definitely affect the main story.

When you enter the Doma, you will see all of the Archons are chained on the floor regardless of how their quests resolve. In the conversation, say “I’m the teacher here,” and “Poseidon won’t approve.” These answers will save the lives of the Archons.

In Dreams


To start In Dreams, go to the marker and take out the attacker. In the conversation, say “You’re very kind.” Next, go to the crime scene and interact with the magnifying glasses. Talk to the witnesses, and when you talk to the man, choose either option.

When you have collected the evidence, go to Lyra around the corner. If you accuse her, she runs away. If you take her side, she leaves to find more evidence. No matter what you choose, your next objective is in the same place. Go to the place and defeat the enemies. Then, in the conversation, say “I would never jump” and “the real you didn’t do it”. Lyra will survive and you complete the quest.

Lighten Up

Lighten Up

This quest is more about puzzles. To begin, go to the Garden of Triton, and help Neokles regenerate the plants. In the first conversation, pick any option. Then, look at beams going into the central crystal. We will solve the puzzles in anti-clockwise order, which deals with the most difficult first.

1st beam puzzle

  • Follow the first beam inside the building.
  • Push the first block forwards out of the way to free the beam.
  • Smash the pots out of the way.
  • Move the second block to deflect the beam onward.
  • Go around the corner and move the next set of blocks out of the way.
  • Now go out of the room and around the corner then destroy the fence.

2nd beam puzzle

  • Push the first block out of the way.
  • Pull the larger block forward, then the smaller block across.
  • Then push the big block into the gap.
  • Finally, pull the small one back to free the beam.
  • Now run around the corner and destroy the fence to finish the puzzle.

3rd beam puzzle

  • For this last puzzle, move around to the beam and push the block it’s hitting off the ledge.
  • Jump down to meet it, then pull the block out of the way.
  • Now smash the pots to free the beam.
  • Then follow it around the corner and destroy the fence to complete the puzzle.

After you complete all the puzzles, report back to Neokles. Say “Maybe your theory is wrong” in the conversation. This will trigger the next quest.

The Birds And The Bees


Go to the marked control room. Chase the intruders, but you don’t have to catch them. Follow them into the next room, head over to the left side, then look to your right for some pots. Then, smash those pots, then move the block out of the way of the gap and slide under.

Now talk to the infiltrator. In the conversation, say, “Must be worth a lot.” There will be a Far Cry 3’s Vaas reference. Moving to the next choice, you can either trust that the garden will sort itself out, or if you put the power source back then there are some comically unexpected results. You can choose either.

Most Adamantly


Go to the Tower of Understanding in the northwest of the city underneath the bridge. When the quest starts, follow Elpis and talk to her. You can choose the romance options if you want, but agree to help.

Go over to the Adamant Metallon, and try to get some raw adamant stealthy. Getting in and out undetected is really hard, and doesn’t have much bearing on the outcome of the quest. But if you want to, I’d recommend saving now to give you an easy reload point. If you decide to go in loud, it only changes a conversation with Atlas later which can still have the same result.

From the hill in front of the mine, I managed to do it undetected by going around to the right along the walls, jumping across to the second floor. Then dropping down and going through the door. Follow the dark path, then climb down the ladder to the bottom of the shaft.

At the bottom, climb up to the right behind the guard. Then slide under the gap. While you’re in here, you can kill people quietly and it’s fine but make sure no one else sees you. You know when you’ve been seen because the Eagle Bearer will say “Shit! Hope Atlas doesn’t find out”. You’ll need to take out a couple of guards too and get really lucky with the spawns. Sometimes you can get really unlucky and captain tier guards spawn in annoying places who you can’t kill in one hit.

After you’ve slid under the gap, in the next room, wait until the guard on the right walks off and rush assassinate the guy that’s left. Once you’re in the clear, climb up the tall ladder that’s opposite the Torch of Hypnos, and take the adamant from the chest in front of you. It’s then much easier to come out the now safe way you came in rather than try and sneak through a load of other people.

Report back to Elpis. You can choose the romance options again if you want. This finishes the first part of the quest.

Blood Gets In Your Eyes


Meet Elpis at the Doma of Atlas for the next twist in the tale. In the conversation, say “Tell Atlas the truth,” but she won’t really listen. This quest is another one with very different outcomes based on what you say and do. It also changes based on what you’ve done before.

In the conversation with Atlas, if you tell him about Elpis’ politics then I’d say you get the “bad” ending. If you say “Getting to know each other”, “Don’t talk about her like that”, and lie that you’re in love the process is a success and you deal with the consequences. It’s kind of a “gray” ending.

However, if you saved the Archons earlier, then Azaes steps in to support Elpis’ legitimacy, which is the “good” ending. If you got the good ending, you can complete the romance and have a bit of a snog by choosing the “You saved me” option.

Good From Far, Far Good


This quest unlocks after Blood Gets In Your Eyes. It is when the Judgement of Atlantis starts to ramp up to its conclusion. When you’re ready, go to the quest marker and it automatically starts.

First off, you can choose whatever you want for the speech, then say “The Dikastes will help you!”

Sixth Sense Of Sympathy


Travel to the quest marker and talk to the harbormaster. Play along with the charade, then go around the market and kill the goons. This completes this line.

Through The Cracks


As with the previous quest, go to and talk to the Foreman, but this time you have to fighting through a quarry of guards to get there. When you reach him, say “Point me to the chamber or else.” You can then decide whether you want to kill him or not.

Report back to Alkon, and you’ll be set after the abductor, Xarios. Travel to the Fortified Doma and scan the area with Ikaros to find him. He’s in his own closed-off room, so the fight isn’t that tough. Once he’s down, you’ll collect the second half of a key and unlock the next quest.

Deadly Little Secrets


If you didn’t go and clean everything up earlier, now is the time to do so. Go to chamber near the Garden of Kymopoleia and save on the outside. If you want the full story as well as the “good” ending, then try to do two runs of this part with different choices to see everything.

Once you’ve saved, head inside, go down the stairs, then sneak or fight your way through the next room. Follow the quest marker to your next destination, and enjoy the surroundings and ensuing cutscene. Then say “Here to find the missing humans.”

After that, go through to the next room, engaging the enemies if you wish. In the conversation, say “Humans are not rats.” You then have to choose either save the people or go through the door. What’s through the door is a big spoiler, but isn’t technically the most moral path, which is why it’s better to make a save to see both routes.

If you say that you don’t care what’s behind the door and try to save then people, then you’re successful in rescuing them. Then, begin a new quest to confront Poseidon. If you go into the room, then you uncover an interesting secret, then you can go to confront Poseidon.

Fate Of Atlantis

Judgement Of Atlantis

You begin the final mission of the Judgement of Atlantis DLC by talking to Poseidon. To side with Poseidon against the others, choose “Humans are being Tortured”, then “I don’t belong here”. As event progress, choose: “I’ll stop the Hekatonchires”.

Run down to corridor, and you’ll come face-to-multiple flailing arms with the DLC’s final boss, Hekatonchires. The fight isn’t that tough if you make use of your overpower attacks and Ares Madness abilities tactically.

Pepper the creature with arrows for chip damage, and be careful of the zombie dudes that it spawns. These can explode into poisonous gas that cloaks the battlefield. Its most dangerous attack is when it crouches. This means it is about to run up and grab you for a hefty combo. Get well clear when this happens or be ready to heal.

Once you’re done, choose “I’ll stop them once and for all,” in the next conversation. From here, enjoy the rest of the story. There are no real decisions to make and you can answer freely.

And with that Judgement of Atlantis ending, the curtain closes on Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. Now all that’s left is to mop up any Lost Tales of Greece that you haven’t completed. And then, wave goodbye to the Peloponnese peninsula.

That’s all the walkthrough of Assassin’s Creed Judgement of Atlantis DLC. Let us know your opinion about it in the comment section below. And check out other gaming news and guide from Wowkia.

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