Best Warframe Weapons For Every Category In 2019

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Warframe Best Weapons

There are hundreds of different weapons in Warframe and it can be a bit daunting to choose which one to use as some weapons can be worth investing into and some may not. This time, we’ll be talking about the best Warframe weapons in the latest patch of 2019. This list is based on many wikis, guides, reviews. We also tested some of them, to give you the details and comparisons from other great weapons in the game.

To be noticed, the weapons listed below are our choice. You can agree with our opinion, some may not, since all weapons in Warframe are great on their own and how we build them. But don’t worry, we also mention some alternatives for the following weapons. So without further ado, here is Wowkia’s list of the Best Warframe Weapons For Every Category In 2019.

Best Warframe Primary Weapons In 2019

For the primary, we prefer weapons with high base damage, but also worth for your critical-based or status-based build.

Best Warframe Automatic Rifle: Soma Prime

Warframe Soma Prime

The Soma Prime is the primed version of the Soma assault rifle. It features a greater magazine size, greater ammo reserves, faster spool-up, and a slight increase to status chance. Although the base damage is less than most rifles, the high fire speed, crit chance, and crit multiplier are best for a critical build. It is also one of the best high-accuracy primary weapons. Despite the low impact damage, its large magazine size and ammo reserve make it the most effective critical-based rifle in Warframe. Or if the low impact really bothers you, you can also consider the Prisma Gorgon, which you can probably get from Baro Ki’Teer.

Best Warframe Shotgun: Tigris Prime

Warframe Tigris Prime

The Tigris Prime is the primed variant of the Tigris shotgun. It features the second-highest base damage of any non-Archwing weapon, and the highest slash damage of the entire game so far. Not like other shotguns, Tigris Prime have higher accuracy. But because of that, it is less effective against crowds of enemies as the bullets are not much spread. But you can compensate it by increasing the punch through with Seeking Fury mod. Or if you can’t afford this shotgun and the mod yet, you can get the lower tier shotgun, Hek, which you can get the blueprint easily in your Arsenal.

Best Warframe Bow: Daikyu

Warframe Daikyu

Daikyu has larger base damage, base status chance and increased projectile flight speed compared to the other bows. It has 3.0 m base punch through, farthest of all bows in Warframe. Among the high base physical status effect chance, it mainly deals puncture damage, with the base of 184.0. The only disadvantages are it has lower critical chance and a longer draw time which cannot be released early for decreased damage like other bows. If you don’t like the long draw time, maybe the Paris Prime suits you more.

Best Warframe Sniper: Vectis Prime

Warframe Vectis Prime

The Vectis Prime is the Prime version of the Vectis sniper rifle. It features higher base damage, fire rate, and zoom, and a doubled magazine. It is the highest base damage hit-scan sniper in Warframe. The reload speed is also the highest of all sniper rifles. Despite the high combo requirement and low slash damage, it’s worth to build as a crit-based sniper because of the relatively high critical chances and fire rate.

Best Warframe Secondary Weapons In 2019

As most players’ main damage dealer is mostly either primary or melee weapon, our list for the secondary features only some you might need in certain conditions, like stealth missions or close-quarter combat.

Best Warframe Stealth Secondary Weapon: Fusilai


Fusilai is a throwing-knife type weapon. It features high Slash damage, high critical chance and status chance, and fast reload speed, but with poor fire rate and low magazine capacity. But the knives will fly faster when thrown by Gara, as this weapon is her signature. You can use this weapon for an alternative for your alarming assault rifle or shotgun.

Best Warframe Secondary Shotgun: Akbronco Prime

Akbonco Prime

Akbronco Prime is the dual version of the Bronco Prime. Compared to Akbronco, this dual shotgun has increased damage, status chance, and double the magazine capacity, at the cost of slower fire rate. As like most primary shotguns, this weapon has high status chance and it can be modded to reach 100%. Because most of the primary weapons mentioned before are low on impact damage, this secondary weapon will be the answer for this problem, especially when you meet a crowd of highly armored Grineers.

Best Warframe Melee Weapon in 2019

Your playstyle really determines your choice on melee weapons. Of course, this is definitely a personal taste. But we think we still have to share about this. Our choice of best types of melee weapon is the heavy weapons. Specifically speaking, it’s the Galatine Prime.

Best Warframe Heavy Melee Weapon: Galatine Prime

Galatine Prime

Galatine Prime is the primed variant of the Galatine heavy sword, boasting higher damage and critical chance. It deals the highest Slash damage of all melee weapons. A single swing of this heavy sword can hit five enemies at once. With the Cleaving Whirlwind stance, you can quickly sweep the crowd with your spinning attacks. The slam attack also knocks enemies down in 6 meters radius. What’s best is it has two V polarities, so you can save your formas. Another similar heavy sword to try is Gram Prime.

So that’s all for the list of Best Warframe Weapons For Every Category. Do you agree with the list? I see some of them might trigger you. So just share your opinion in the comment below. Check out other Warframe guides here in Wowkia.


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  1. This guide is not good. Akbronco is well known to be terrible. Soma has been heavily nerfed, current best automatic rifle, in my opinion, would probably be Stradavar Prime or Tiberon Prime. Look, it’s not about opinions here, it’s just that you didn’t do your research.

    • I’m trying to give my honest opinion about what I find as the best Warframe weapons here. I don’t follow the popular choices, and what listed above are purely what I find best and I can enjoy it without too much dealing with mods. It may seem like a shallow explanation, as I try to conclude all of them in this one article. No problem if you don’t agree with this, as I wrote this I know that many may find it odd. But really, man, I still see Galatine P, Soma P, and all of the weapons I listed above as the best. And I know that there are players out there agree with the list. Actually, you can make almost any weapon in Warframe as your best one, since the options on modding are extremely vast. So I find that there’s no absolute best weapon in the game. Just get a rifle which you have the matching riven mod, some other tweak on formas, use it with a proper frame you like, and voila! It may be your best weapon for your preferred build and playstyle. So no point on getting too cereal about it. But, thanks for the insight, I really appreciate it. Maybe I’ll try to give a more detailed explanation on the next Warframe stuff I write about, based on thorough researches and not mere shallow reads on the wiki and quick tests. Thank’s a lot. 🙂

      • So I must give you some advice about weapon guide. First you have to own it and capable of fully build it, then you have to test it out in simulacurum against low and high lvl enemy ( mostly grineer heavy gunner lvl90 and 150, cause its the hardest normal enemy to kill in this game, try it and you will see the difference about weapon performance. Any weapon can be good if you know how to mod it right, but some are clunky and annoying to use, and some cannot achieve high enough stat to work against high lvl enemy like other weapons in the same category. For example a corinth cannot achieve 100% status chance so it cannot kill a lvl150 heavy gunner in 1-2 shots, while a boar prime or strun wraith can melt those in 2 shots. For meele there are not just heavy blades are good so you cant just have one meele and call it “best”. It cant even one shot enemy like redeemer does.
        So next time you make a guide, make sure you have enough knowledge to do it

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