How To Sell Games From Your Steam Account

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Steam Game Sell

Selling games on Steam is of course complicated, because Valve simply doesn’t want you to do it. However, you can sell a Steam game without getting in trouble with Valve if the game is in your inventory. You can also sell your Steam library by selling your account, but doing so may result in account banning.

When you buy a Steam game, you can send it as a gift, add it to Steam inventory or library. Adding the game to your library allows you to play it. Adding it to your inventory gives you the game key for later use. The games also can be sent as gifts or traded through the Steam trading system. Here’s how to get a game out of your Steam inventory so that you can sell it.

How To Sell Steam Games

Time Needed : 10 minutes

This method uses the Steam gift system, which isn't intended for selling games. It is the only way to sell individual Steam games outside of Steam, and it doesn't work with games that you have already added to your library, even if you haven't played them yet.

  1. Choose the game you want to sell

    Navigate to your Steam inventory, and click a game you want to sell.
    Steam Inventory

  2. Send the gift

    Click Send gift. Steam Gift

  3. Enter the email adress

    Select email my gift, enter an email address, and click Next.
    Gift Email

  4. Enter the recipient's identity

    Enter your recipient's name and a brief message, if you want to, and click Send. Gift Note

  5. Steam will send the game to the recipient's email

    Steam will immediately the game to the email. If you emailed it to yourself, you can then set up a sale through a reseller site or a personal transaction. Steam Library (1)

  • Your Steam account.
  • Games in the Steam inventory.

And that’s how you can sell Steam games. Check out other Wowkia gaming news and guides.