Tekken 7 Beginner’s Guide To Not Button-Mash

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Tekken 7

Tekken 7 is a very competitive and technical fighting game. With all the mechanics and the hard move executions, it can overwhelm newcomers or casual players who just play the game for fun. This results in a trivial but massive problem: button-mashers.

Yes, you can win with button-mashing in Tekken 7. Just pick Eddie Gordo and mash the kick button with a little bit of control on the D-pad. You will get a high chance of winning… against other button-mashers.

Of course, more understanding of the game will give you a higher chance of winning than a mere button-mashing. Wanna crush your button-mashing opponents with your real Tekken skill? Or are you just a noob don’t want to button-mash anymore? Check this guide out!

Tekken 7 Guide For Beginners

We will take a look at the basics of Tekken 7′ gameplay. Trust me, they are enough to not mash the buttons or to crush button-mashers in the game.

  1. Basic Attacking Controls And Mechanics

    Tekken 7 Controls
    First, we will talk about how to attack in Tekken 7. In this game, you have four attack buttons: X for left punch, Y for right punch, A for left kick, and B for right kick. Each button controls each limb of your character.
    There are three types of basic attacks in Tekken 7: high attacks, mid attacks, and low attacks. High attacks hit standing opponents and miss crouching opponents. They can be blocked by standing opponents. Then, there are mid attacks, which hit crouching and standing opponents. Opponents can’t block mid attacks while crouching. And lastly, low attacks to hit standing and crouching opponent. They can’t be blocked while standing.

  2. Character’s Moves

    Tekken Alisa Moves
    You can see the list of your characters moves when pausing matches. Each character has their own move list in Tekken 7. Every character has dozens of their own unique moves. That’s why you have to choose one character to learn at a time, and practice just a few moves you find easy first. Don’t go straight to the 10-hit combo, as it’s hard to set up in matches.
    Learn when to pull off certain moves. Begin your juggle with a launcher, your combo with a starter, et cetera. Diversify your pokes to confuse your opponent and find gaps in his defense. Watch your and the opponent’s attack reach, keep a safe distance from his fast attacks. Try to counter them if you can.

  3. Blocking

    We have talked about basic offense in Tekken 7, now let’s look at the basic defense, blocking. Basically, Tekken 7 features two types of blocking: standing guard and crouching guard. To perform the standing guard, just hold the back button. Meanwhile, the crouching guard is performed by holding back and down simultaneously.
    Standing guard blocks high and mid attacks, while crouching guard blocks low attacks and evades high attacks. But, remember that crouching guard is vulnerable to mid attacks.

  4. Parrying

    Tekken 7 Low Parry
    The slightly more advanced move but is fun to do to mock button-masher: parry. Some characters can do several kinds of parry, but all characters can do low parry. To do it, just tap down forward when the opponent’s low attack is about to hit. So the attack will be caught and your opponent gets little damage from falling. Then, it’s the best time to punish the button-masher with your juggle.

  5. Movements

    Tekken 7 Sidestep

  6. Rage Art And Rage Drives

    Rage Art
    Tekken 7 has the Rage system, which allows you to do Rage Art and Rage Drives. When your health bar goes below 20 percent you can do the Rage Art, which is a kind of a super move with high damage burst. But if you don’t, your Rage remains active. Every attack you do with the Rage will inflict more damage.
    On the other hand, a Rage Drive is not a super move but a more powerful version of existing moves. It allows you to extend a combo or inflict additional damage.

I hope you enjoyed my beginner’s guide to Tekken 7 and will up your game. I know button-mashing is a way to enjoy fighting games. But I believe that we can enjoy the game too by learning to play more seriously and get into real Tekken 7 matches and other fighting games like Soulcalibur. That’s all folks, thanks for reading.

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