Useful Tips And Tricks For Rainbow Six Siege Beginners

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Rainbow Six

Wowkia readers must have been familiar with Rainbow Six Siege. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is a tactical FPS game where every character or operator has unique gadgets to help win the game. So, as the game is still gaining newcomers, we give you some useful tips to make you level up your skill easier. Without further ado, here are useful tips and tricks for Rainbow Six Siege beginner.

Know The Maps Well

Rainbow Six Maps

The first step to win Rainbow Six matches is by knowing the details of the maps. The purpose of knowing the maps is you will get used to players’ behavior in matches with various maps. You will always know where the enemies spawn, where are the objectives, and which open areas to avoid. To memorize the maps easier, you can make custom games pick the map of your choice to explore it.

Pick Useful Rainbow Six Siege Operator

Rainbow Six Operators

The second thing to know in Rainbow Six is which operator to pick. Simply choose a meta operator, which will contribute the most to the matches. Check this list of meta operators of Rainbow Six Siege.

  • Jagger
    Jagger has ADS which can reflect every incoming projectile in front of it.
  • Mute
    Mute’s gadget can deactivate enemies’ gadgets like drones or other electrical equipments.
  • Hibana
    Hibana can break walls without touching it, but not reinforced walls.
  • Thermite
    Thermite can break walls which have been reinforced by enemies.
  • Thatcher
    Thatcher can disable lots of traps at once.
  • Bandit
    Bandit can create electric reinforce to walls which will make Hibana, and Tatcher can’t break them. But be aware, Tatcher still can break your gadgets. So use it wisely against him.
  • Rook
    Rook can give his bonus armor to his teammates.

Use The Right Attachments

Rainbow Six Attachments

The last tip for you Rainbow Six Siege beginners is to choose the right attachments for you to use. Because a proper attachment can make you easier to shoot and kill enemies. If you tend to deal with enemies in close ranges, pick attachments which reduce your weapon’s recoil. Or if you tend to assault the enemy’s team headfirst like Rambo, pick Extended Barrel which will give you extra ammo. And other attachments which suit your playstyle. Choose wisely.

And that’s all for the useful tips for Rainbow Six Siege beginners. Hope it helps you to win most of your next games. If you have any thoughts, just leave it in the comments below.

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