What You Don’t Know From Call of Duty Mobile

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Call of Duty: Mobile has been popular in only a few days since its release. Instead of focusing on the single-player campaign like other games of the franchise, this mobile game has more emphasis on online multiplayer. Many new players join every day to try its Multiplayer and Battle Royale mode.

When you first play Call of Duty Mobile, you see that it has a quick and easy tutorial to get you acquainted with the touch controls. But there’s a lot that the game doesn’t tell you. We have you covered with this list below!

  1. There are many different setting options. The settings include sensitivity, button placement, and more. Hit the gear icon at the top of the home screen and try different the settings for your best experience.
  2. Your first opponents are bots. In the early levels of Call of Duty: Mobile, you’re fighting against bots, so it’s easier to learn the basics. You’ll be fighting against humans when you reach level 10.
  3. Collect all of your rewards. If you complete missions for Season tiers, or event missions, you’ll need to go to the appropriate area to get the rewards. The season and event pages are on the Main menu, so you can click on any button with an exclamation mark and claim the rewards.
  4. You don’t need the Premium Pass to collect season rewards. The Premium Pass only rewards extra rewards for the ranks. You’ll still get free rewards for ranking up without it.
  5. Character skins are just skins. Skin doesn’t give any unique benefit over another skin. They’re just cosmetics.
  6. You can go prone. Having trouble with players snipers when you wander around the map? You can go prone by holding the crouch button. Now you can sneak around behind the snipers.
  7. There are multiple Multiplayer modes. Even beyond Battle Royale, there are multiple multiplayer modes. You can choose a point-based victory, trying to defend an objective, or even AI match in Deathmatch mode.
  8. You can shoot underwater. In Battle Royale, you may end up in the water for some reason. Thankfully, you can shoot underwater.
  9. Eventually, you can participate in Ranked matches. You can play ranked matches when you hit level 10.

Hopefully, with this list, you’re on your way to a better experience with Call of Duty: Mobile. If you’re a beginner and you need to know the basics, check out this beginners’ guide.


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