Black Mirror ‘Secret’ Episodes by Netflix Indonesia X Izzy VNGNC

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What’s the last Black Mirror you’ve watched? Is it the movie Black Mirror: Bandersnatch or may be you watched the series? But you know what? There are three new ‘secret’ episodes of Black Mirror out there. This time you don’t watch them on Netflix, but Instagram.

Izzy, a famous ‘former’ Youtuber in Indonesia well know as VNGNC, and Netflix Indonesia have collaborated to present their latest Black Mirror project. It comes in three episodes of one-minute Instagram videos posted by @vngnc, Izzy’s account. Izzy talked — in Indonesian — about how influencers exploit their fans and audiences, act as their loving friend, only to get money. He also included several links that provide data on how long we spend our time on the internet every day and how rich are influencers.

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Selamat datang di Black Mirror. Berhentilah sejenak, dengarkan, dan arahkan hati pada T̶u̶h̶a̶n̶ layar smartphone kalian. Seekor hewan buas yang tak kasat mata namun sungguh bahayanya mengintai kehidupan digital kita. Renungkan, perhatikan, pecahkan, dan tebak kata kunci yang tersembunyi dalam video ini. Tulis jawabanmu pada post yang bersangkutan di akun @netflixid untuk membuka video berikutnya.⠀ Video ini adalah yang pertama dari rangkaian kolaborasi antara izzy dan @netflixid. #ad .⠀ Data sources:,

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