Will Groot Have Long Continuity in the MCU?

There’s a lot about the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise that audiences love. From the fun Peter Quill to catchy music and even talking raccoons—the group is an all-time favorite for many. But there’s another little part of the franchise that some fans really fell in love with: Baby Groot.

So it makes sense for Marvel Studios to take advantage of the little walking tree with I Am Groot. A collection of five shorts will make Vin Diesel’s naughty plant no good. But when exactly did this antics take place?

According to Guardians director James Gunn himself, he doesn’t see them as part of Earth-616. The director noted how he believes “they are canon for themselves” and that “they….are not necessarily part of the Guardians saga.”

Now, big producer Marvel Studios has the potential to directly contradict Gunn’s claims by saying that the little shorts are actually part of the main canon of the MCU.

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MCU I Am Groot Continuity Clarified

I Am Groot producer Brad Winderbaum revealed in a conversation with that, despite recent comments from James Gunn, the upcoming set of animated shorts is canon for Earth-616 MCU.

We have to wonder when these people say the show is canon, are they just referring to the Multiverse? Or did the show actually take place in the film’s timeline?

It only matters if something directly contradicts something in an established story. With how short and limited the shorts are, the audience probably needn’t worry too much.

After all, the time between the end of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and its post-credits scene takes a long time — considering Groot growing into his teenage self. So there’s plenty of time for the animated series to come. The five I Am Groot short films are out on Disney+ on Wednesday, August 10.

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