The berserk Manga Will Continue Without Creator Kentaro Miura

Following the death of the creator of Berserk manga, Kentaro Miura, last year on May 26, 2022, fans of this series have questioned the Berserk manga continuation. Unfortunately, for months the official of the Berserk project did not respond. Then on June 7, 2022, the official Twitter of Berserk announced that the Berserk manga continuation will continue without Kentaro Miura.

The editing department of Young Animal, the manga magazine that has published serialized manga since 1992, announced that its assistant Kouji Mori will continue the serialized manga. He is Kentaro Miura’s colleague and childhood friend.

The information provided is written in Japanese, for a translation, you can see below:

Young Animal said: “We will continue the Berserk manga series, please accept our apologies for the long wait before we can make this announcement.”

The statement further explains that before his death, Miura had spoken at length with Mori about the story and arc he had in mind for Berserk and the ending of the Berserk manga series.

After Miura’s death, Mori considers discussing what he knows about Berserk’s intended ending through interviews or articles. But he prefers to accept an offer by Studio Gaga — the manga studio founded by Miura and managed by his assistants and students to continue the manga.

“I have a message and promise to everyone. I will recall the details as much as possible and tell the story. However, I will only write the episodes that Miura talked to me about. I will not flesh it out. Many of you may not be fully satisfied with the Berserk written without Miura, but we hope everyone’s thoughts will be with us.”

Forward, Young Animal will publish six chapters that will conclude the “Fantasia Arc/Elf Island Chapter” before moving on to a new arc that will begin afterward. Henceforth, the manga will have the following credits: “Original work by Kentarou Miura, manga by Studio Gaga, supervised by Kouji Mori.”

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RIP (Rest in Peace) Kentaro Miura, the creator of Berserk manga, one of the best manga ever in the world. Hopefully, the information can be helpful, if there are questions or other things that you want to tell, you can write them in the comments below.

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