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Dakota Johnson’s First Look With Video on Madame Web Film

Sony Pictures continues to build on the Spider-Man Universe adjacent to the MCU, adding new characters to the mix such as Tom Hardy’s Venom and Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Kraven the Hunter. Right now in the spotlight is the little-known Madame Web, who will star in her feature film debut next year with Dakota Johnson from Fifty Shades of Gray in the lead.

Madame Web is still shrouded in mystery, even as the cameras roll ahead of the film’s October 6, 2023 debut in theaters. Johnson will have a stellar cast around him thanks to the efforts of Sydney Sweeney of Euphoria and Adam Scott of Parks and Recreation, although there is still no word on what roles they will actually play in this Spider-Man spin-off outing.

Dakota Johnson’s First Look With Video on Madame’s Web Movie

This new entry will reportedly give Madame Web a proper origin story within the Sony Spider-Man Universe, but how that story came together remains largely unknown while production is ongoing. While that’s still the case with the latest update, fans now have their first official look at Dakota Johnson as she makes her superhero film debut with Sony.

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Twitter user @dakotaj_updates shared a first look at Dakota Johnson on the set of Sony Pictures’ Madame Web, where she played the titular character.

The first video is only seven seconds long and shows Johnson sticking his head out of a door, which appears to be an undisclosed hotel or similar building. He wore a red leather coat with the rest of the ensemble all black:

The second video is 13 seconds long and shows Johnson standing in the doorway of this same building, although there are no details indicating the location within the story itself:

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Looking at some of these videos, it’s hard to pick a specific plot point given that there are no references to locations or other characters that Dakota Johnson interacts with. Additionally, his costume raises some interesting questions about the actual character he plays in the Spider-Man Universe.

With its clairvoyant abilities and a story that could potentially take place nearly 20 years in the past, Sony hopes the film will perform better publicly than recent shows like Morbius. Madame Web will premiere in theaters on October 6, 2023.

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