How to Explain the Symbiotes in Thor: Love and Thunder, Venom Exists?

Based on the official trailer for the fourth Thor film, you can assume that the Symbiotes in Thor Love and Thunder have just been confirmed to exist. There are a lot of assumptions and possibilities for this by fans, even from Sony Venom fans and MCU followers.

You can see creatures that look like Symbiotes in the trailer, and based on the source material, that’s literally true. But Symbiotes are part of the Spider-Man franchise property and the absolute license is owned by Sony Pictures.

Lots of variations have just come to this one, speculating endlessly about Gorr’s “scary” weapon that came with his Marvel Legend toy figure for Thor: Love and Thunder, but comics fans know him as the Necrosword. And for those who really follow the comics, actually know that the origins of weapons are closely related to Venom and the symbiote.

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Symbiotes in Thor Love and Thunder

Gorr is the being who invented the holy sword capable of creating Symbiotes as an army. But if you look at what happened between Sony and Marvel Studios, it looks like the two have just really reconciled for their joint project as a collaboration.

The Necrosword is actually related and connected to Venom, as this weapon is used by the makers of Venom. All questions and assumptions will be answered in the film, that’s the only way to prove it.

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In the source material, Gorr finds a weapon after discovering the two battles between Knull and his foe. As Gorr crawls across the burning ground, hoping to die, something crashes into a planet not far from him. Investigating, Gorr found what appeared to be two gods, one in black armor and the other adorned in gold.

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While the one in black appears to be dead, a spear pierces the head, and the one in gold is still alive and calls for Gorr’s help, which infuriates him, as the gods did not help him or his family during their desperate times. As if reacting to Gorr’s smoldering hatred, the black-robed divine weapon leaped at Gorr, binding itself to Gorr. And that was the beginning of all his goals.

But backing too far, Knull who was killed there was a killer of one of the Celestials as a creature that had a huge impact on the universe. If the origin story goes through changes, that means the MCU will also have to work hard to make it make sense. Because based on that, Necrosword, Knull, and also Venom as a Symbiote can become all things that can not be separated even very difficult to separate them.

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