Chris Evans Feels Weird If Captain America Comes Back

Captain America was one of the most iconic in the MCU before ending in Endgame when this character chose to do what he wanted in the past. Actor, Chris Evans is back in the spotlight thanks to his role as the iconic Pixar hero Buzz Lightyear in the Lightyear film that is currently showing on the big screen.

Unfortunately, the film just got a lot of bad reviews after trouble for some. Chris Evans makes the final show in Endgame and gives his mantle to Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson in the final part of the film.

Then, the complicated tale of the Shield and the Mantle just happened in Sam Wilson’s solo series. However, a lot of fans including you just want to know what might happen to Steve Rogers. And some of them just hope the character returns one day.

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What If Captain America Comes Return?

There’s still a lot of potentials to bring him back to the MCU, consider the possibilities and we can see another variant of Captain America might be an absolute choice for his next project. While there are still rumors in place of a Steve Rogers return, Evans remains adamant enough to put the role behind him with ten full appearances under his belt as Captain America. Recently, he even discussed why it might not be the easiest thing to bring Rogers back the way the MCU currently stands.

In one of the D23 Inside Disney Podcasts, Chris Evans just shared about the idea and potential return as Captain America in the MCU.

Chris Evans has come to terms with the fact that the role is currently held by Anthony Mackie, whose performance Evans has praised since Sam Wilson took over. He remains wary of bringing back his own version of Cap, worried that it “would be disappointing” if he brought a new chapter that didn’t land the right way.

He also talked about what it’s like to be called back into a “risky” role. He also said that he felt satisfied leaving the role of Captain America, as he desperately needed a new role in the Hollywood industry. However, this person is the most iconic and very helpful to building the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a whole.

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Whether you’re a young MCU or just a new fanboy, all three Captain America films and all four Avengers films are available to stream on Disney+. Evans is currently starring in Disney’s Lightyear, which is now in theaters.

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