Doctor Strange 2 Blooper Reel, Seeing the Absurd Wanda

While the upcoming Blu-ray version will be out soon, or only on Disney Plus, Doctor Strange 2 Blooper has been released a while back on YouTube. Show lots of fun behind-the-scenes moments including Wanda, America Chavez, and more.

It also looks fun to us, as we get to see Elizabeth Olsen carry a hilarious vibe while the role she plays is so scary. Elizabeth has become one of MCU’s biggest names over the past few years.

Doctor Strange 2 Blooper on YouTube

As we all know, the Doctor Strange sequel has become a Marvel horror show directed by a famous person who is suited to tackle such a thing. Sam Raimi has successfully presented many elements of horror here.

Following Doctor Strange 2, Olsen made headlines when he shared in a lie detector test that he had never met John Krasinski, who broke the internet with his MCU debut as Mr. Fantastic. For us, bloopers can create a funny feeling by seeing all the fun characters while filming is taking place. Lots of jokes and flop scenes as bloopers you can see, here they are:

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Unfortunately, it’s still unknown whether we think Wanda will return in the future or just for a new MCU film to come, as she only said that there is no contract confirmation yet.

Elizabeth Olsen Jokes Around in Doctor Strange 2 Bloopers People released the first gag reel from Marvel Studios Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, featuring hilarious moments from Benedict Cumberbatch and Elizabeth Olsen. Do you find it fun too?

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