Thor 4 is One of the Worst MCU Movies on Rotten Tomatoes Ever

The Thor franchise is one defined by ups and downs, perhaps more so than any other within the MCU. While Thor failed to live up to the standards of its MCU counterparts, its sequel, Thor: The Dark World, fared a fair bit worse, serving as a new low for the franchise.

As such, fans expected Waititi’s second film in the MCU, Thor: Love and Thunder, to be of similar or even greater quality. But upon its release, many were let down by the sequel, citing what they saw as a failure to balance tone and a waste of characters and storylines. This has led the film to suffer, both commercially and critically.

Love and Thunder Ranks Last Among Thor Films

As the reviews currently stand, Thor: Love and Thunder is now the lowest-rated Thor film on Rotten Tomatoes, sitting at a 65% critic approval rating on the Tomatometer. This number means that 65% of critics gave Love and Thunder a positive score, which is slightly less than Thor: The Dark World as it sits at a 66%.

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Thor and Thor: Ragnarok both scored much higher, receiving a 77% and a 93%, respectively. Even so, the audience scores paint a different picture, with Love and Thunder placing above Thor 1 and Thor 2 with a score of 77%, though only by one or two points.

Unpacking Thor: Love And Thunder’s New Ranking in the Franchise
Although this new score breakdown puts Taika Waititi’s newest film at the bottom of the Rotten Tomatoes ranking, it does give him the unique honor of bookending the list, with his two Thor movies, Ragnarok and Love and Thunder​​​​​​, ranking first and last.

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