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Frozen 2 Film Directors Discussed the Possibility of a Frozen 3

The filmmakers of Frozen 2 are finally talking about the possibility of the creation of Frozen 3 in their franchise. In 2013, this movie made the world audience gasp in its debut. Frozen made $400.2 million in the United States and hit $1.2 billion at the worldwide box office. The remarkable success was a sure sign that this film would make a sequel, and viola! Frozen 2 is already a “now playing” list in the cinema across the world.

The Success of Frozen lead to Frozen 2

This sequel was set after three years of the success of its predecessor Frozen and Frozen 2 focused on what happened to Anna and Elsa’s parents along with the source of Elsa’s power. In spite of the fact that this film got varied reviews, it proves to be successful in the Disney kingdom.

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Initially, the movie was predicted to have a $ 1 million opening weekend. It then surprised many of us with passing the estimation and is making $ 127 million in the US during its debut. Well, with this huge amount of success, will Frozen 3 be created?

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Will Frozen 3 be Made?

Perceiving how successful the animated sequel becomes, the following Frozen 3 possibility is not out of the question. However, since Frozen 2 has entirely closed the story for Anna’s and Elsa’s perspective, and makes the three characters lived in a lovable ending, to make a third film would need to come up with a worthwhile idea to make the movie makes sense.

Well, Let’s hope, if a third movie IS going to be made, the movie will have another storyline or another perspective, instead of remaking the existing version.

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