Was it Dian Kartika Who Debuted in Japanese Adult Videos?

Indonesians around the Memes community usually create sarcastic memes without absolute context or real stories behind them. One of them that just happened here is about a Japanese Adult Video Actress who is assumed to be an Indonesian girl.

This girl, reportedly is a person from Bandung, Indonesia. Then, is it true that the woman is from Indonesia? It’s still not confirmed. This is one of the bad effects of the Internet because it is used in the wrong way.

Dian Kartika as a Fictional Character

In fact, the woman in the poster shared by the @unmagnetism Twitter account is Igarashi Natsu. Based on written by Tokyo Samui, Igarashi Natsu is a newly debuted JAV actress.

This woman from Kyoto, Japan just started her career earlier this year. In the profile written by Tokyo Samui, Igarashi Natsu is a woman born in Kyoto, Japan in 1998. The beautiful girl has a height of 163cm.

Was It Dian Kartika Who Debuted In Japanese Adult Videos 1
Igarashi Natsu

After contemplating for 5 years, Igarashi Natsu finally decided to debut in January 2022. In other words, the news about the woman from Bandung who debuted in JAV is not true. Although it is not known whether Igarashi Natsu has another name and is of Indonesian origin, there is no information that mentions this.

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It must be understood that the upload is a Hoax. The female figure in the upload is not a woman named Dian Kartika, but Igarashi Natsu. Igarashi Natsu is a JAV actress from Japan who has no Indonesian ancestry at all. This woman from Kyoto, Japan just started her career earlier this year.

If you look at the data published by, it means that the news shared by the Twitter account @unmagnetism is fake news. Actually, this is not the first news that Indonesian women play Japanese adult films. A few years ago, there was the name Sera Amane, a woman from Jakarta who made her AV debut by taking the background of the Old City of Jakarta.

For those of you who are Indonesians, please be responsible in using the internet, don’t get misinformation or what we can call a Hoax. You don’t feel it, but out there you will make something bad.

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