A Chinese Man Gets Slapped 52 Times for Not Buying His Girlfriend a New Phone

An interesting scene occurred when a woman slapped her boyfriend in the crowd only because he didn’t buy her a new phone. This shameful incident took place in Sichuan province, China on May 20th — when this day is known as Chinese Valentine’s Day.

The scene was captured on both CCTV around and phones from pedestrians. The videos show the girl continuously slaps the man with a total of 52 hits. The man on the other hand only stands still and willingly receives the abuse.

A compilation of videos showing the abuse.
Source: Youtube

A moment later police arrived at the scene and attempted to separate the couple. Unexpectedly, the man was trying to defend his partner, saying that it is his fault. He even asked the police to let the girl beat him as it would calm her anger.

The police were also unable to convince the stubborn couple to take the issue to the police station. The pair, however, promised to handle their issues in a more civilized manner in the future.

In the end, the police kept doing an investigation and found that, as shown in the video, the man had been hit exactly 52 times. The woman became furious after the man did not fulfill her requests to be gifted a new smartphone. The police also discovered that the man has mostly spent his expenses for his girlfriend.

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