Attacks on Gay Marriage: Taiwan Gym Controversial Post on Facebook to Protect Kids from Gay Practice.

After recent legalization of Same-Sex/Gender Marriage in Taiwan, a popular fitness gym decided to react rather differently. From their Facebook account, Formosa Gym posted a controversial statement saying that they reject any LGBT practice and claim the fitness gym is to protect traditional marriage and the kids. He specifically wrote:

“I want to make it extremely clear: at Formosa Fitness we support traditional marriage, traditional families and children. There are also only two genders and there will never be any more than that. Formosa Fitness is free from gay sex that you find at many gyms in Taiwan. We do not tolerate any of that and never will. Your kids are 100% safe inside these walls and they always will be.”

This Facebook post triggered raged reaction from many parties and some people took the screenshot of it and re-posted it on many social platforms. Negatives responses to this posting also occurred.

“This is a f***ing joke right? I can’t believe this is real,” a commenter on Reddit wrote.

“Either the owner is a huge troll or, perhaps more likely, their page was hacked,” a netizen pointed out.

“His personal Facebook page was still up as of this morning,” another responded. “His company Facebook pages are down because reviews were horrific.”

The gym owner Dave Chesser, apparently did not give any comment about whether he was the one who wrote an attacking post towards LGBT, some source also stated that he never showed up after the viral posting.

Since there was no clarification from any party, internet people showed their rage by bad reviewing his Fitness gym in google review to portray dissatisfaction towards his act.

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