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Hamako Mori, The World’s Oldest Gamer Grandma!

What we think about getting old is one and only, a boring lifetime. But, if you think that the more we old then more joy we should have, you have the same thought as this grandma. Meet Hamako Mori, the oldest gamer grandma, she playing video games for more than 39 years. Yup, exactly. She Played video games longer than your life.

This Grandma uploads her playing video games on her YouTube channel and got so much attention from it. Mori has played several well-known titles such as Call of DutyDauntless, and even NieR: Automata. She has claimed by the Guinness Book of World Records, to be the oldest gamer grandma in the world.

This Grandma Played Video Games More Than 39 Years

Born on February 18, 1930, Mori’s first video was posted on YouTube in 2014. Her video game journey started back in 1981 and she’s been gaming for 39 years. Just like how much video games have evolved since then, Mori’s taste in video games has, too, judging from the mix of several modern video game titles she also plays.

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One of the video games she praises is Grand Theft Auto V (GTA), which she finds extremely fun to play and has a hard time stopping (cause by the graphics that makes her feel like in a real-life). On top of that, she’s kept all of the games she used to playback in the day all this while and her catalog is amazing!

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Gamer Grandma Youtube Channel

Despite her age, Mori spends quite a bit of time gaming per day – around seven to eight hours daily. She mentioned that she used to play a lot longer when she was younger. “When you getting old, you tend to avoid trying new things. So I can be of any help here,” said Mori about an old life that she felt.

Mori Show the world that your age won’t stop your action to do whatever you like. You could decide what you wanted, don’t let the world judge you by your age, enjoy your life. Cause getting old is not as boring as you think, being a normal person is good but independent is choice. Don’t make old as a reason, make it as an option to enjoy life.

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