How to Plant Seeds in Valheim

How to Plant Seeds in Valheim

There is a unique aspect you would probably find while playing Valheim that you can plant seeds to survive. Of course, this can happen because Valheim is a survival game set in the Viking era. However, even though you know that we can plant seeds, of course, there are those of you who don’t know how to plant them.

Well, that’s why on this occasion, I will provide a guide about these seeds. However, before going to how to plant it, it’s good that you know where to find various seeds in the Valheim game first.

Place of Seed in Valheim

  • Radish Seeds: Harvest of Radish flowers which you can usually find in the Swamp.
  • Carrot Seeds: Usually, you can find carrots in the wild, one of which is the Black Forest.
  • Beech Seed: Like Radish, you have to take the seeds through the Beech tree in Meadows
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How to Craft Cultivator in Valheim

To plant seeds in Valheim, there are certain things you need to make primarily. First, you need a Cultivator. If you don’t know how to make it, here are the ingredients needed.

  • Core Wood x5: To get it, you can cut down a Pine Tree in the Black Forest.
  • Bronze x5: To get it, you must combine Copper x2 and Thima x1 in Forge.

How to Plant Seeds in Valheim

How to Plant Seeds in Valheim
Plant Seeds in Valheim | Shacknews

Okay, now that you have the necessary ingredients and crafted a Cultivator, you can now plant seeds freely in Valheim. It’s easy, you just need to follow the directions below, and you’re done.

  • First of all, you need to Equip the Cultivator tool and turn the grass tiles into the soil first (Mouse-1).
  • With the Cultivator still equipped, open the menu (Mouse-2). Select a seed, then click on the ground to plant it.
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