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How to Make Frost Resistance Mead in Valheim

There are many effects your character can receive in Valheim. Among them are the Cold and Freeze effects. The effect will reduce your HP points slowly. Therefore, you must know how to make Frost Resistance Mead in Valheim.

What is Valheim Frost Resistance Mead?

It is a potion that you can find in Valheim. You can make it by fermenting the Mead base: Frost Resistance in the fermenter. When you consume this potion, you will be immune to a freezing and cold effect for 10 minutes.

This potion is handy for those of you who want to explore the Mountain Biome. You will get a 50% – 75% reduction in damage against ice damage. But you shouldn’t be exposed to the Wet Effect. Using the torch will make you protected.

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How to Make Frost Resistance in Valheim

Time needed: 2 days.

If you want to make this item, you can follow our steps completely with images.

  1. Prepare Mead Base

    First, you need to prepare the mead base: frost resistance. You can make it in the cauldron, as we explain in the last tutorial. After that, put the mead base item in your inventory.
    How To Make Frost Resistance Mead In Valheim 2

  2. Use Fermenter

    Put the item in the empty Fermenter. You can press the [E] key on your keyboard.
    Fermenter Mead Valheim

  3. Waiting for Fermentation

    After you add the mead base, the fermenter will display the item status being “fermenting.” You have to wait for 2 days in-game for the potions to finish making. You can see it in the image below.
    How To Make Frost Resistance Mead In Valheim 4

  4. Take Potion

    Come back to the fermenter after 2 days, and the status will be changed to be “Done.” Take the potion by pressing the [E] key, and the potion is ready to use.
    How To Make Frost Resistance Mead In Valheim 5

Well, that’s how to make Frost Resistance Mead in Valheim. If you need more Valheim Guides, you can request them in the comment section. Share the article with your friends and revisit us.

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