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How to Make a Cake in Minecraft

How To Make A Cake Minecraft

In Minecraft, you can make many food items from all kinds of ingredients. The cake is one of the most often foods made. If you eat the item, your food meter will refill. So, Wowkia will give a tutorial on how to make a Cake in Minecraft.

Let’s check out how to make it and what the ingredients needed.

Require Materials

To make a Cake in the game, you need to have the following ingredients:

  • Wheat (3)
  • Egg (1)
  • Milk (3)
  • Sugar (2)

How to Craft a Cake in Minecraft

Time needed: 5 minutes.

If you’ve collected the required materials above, you can follow the tutorial step-by-step. This is how to make a Cake in Minecraft.

  1. Open the Crafting Menu

    The same as making any other items in Minecraft, you have to open the crafting menu. Then, you’ll see the 3×3 grids.
    How To Make A Cake Minecraft

  2. Add Ingredients

    Next, you need to put all ingredients in the exact pattern in the crafting menu. In the first grid, you have to put 3 Milk in each box. Then, put 1 Egg in the middle-box of the second grid and fill the rest with 2 Sugars. Last, put 3 Wheat in the third grid. You can see the image below for more!
    How To Make Cake 2

  3. Finish

    After that, a cake will appear in the right box of the crafting menu. The item can be placed in the inventory now. Eat it when your food meter is low.
    Cake Finish

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So, that’s how to make a Cake in Minecraft. If you need other food recipes, you can tell us in the comment section. Also, Wowkia has many Potion recipes that may be useful for you. Stay tuned on our website dan keep reading the news and guides.

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