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Is Minecraft Shutting Down in 2020?

Is Minecraft Shutting Down

Minecraft is the best-selling sandbox game in the decade. The game has loyal fans and claims to have 100 million active players each month. In the last few days, we heard a rumor that Minecraft will shut down in 2020.

One of the things that make Minecraft loved by many people is simplicity. Released in 2011, Mojang keeps doing regular updates and give us new things that can be done in the game. In fact, the game also gets new features like Ray Tracing on Nvidia RTX Graphics Card.

Minecraft Will Shutting Down in 2020?

Some reports said that the game server will be shutting down in December 2020. If so, this year will be the last year Minecraft communities play the game.

The rumor appeared when the Story Mode in Minecraft was pulled in June 2019. For your information, Telltale Games is a developer that handles the mode. The developer has experienced serious financial difficulties several years ago. Even though, they were pulled many games from the digital stores like Steam and GOG.

The Rumor is Fake

According to Polygon, Minecraft isn’t shutting down its servers on Dec. 21, 2020. As a publisher, Microsoft community manager Helen Zbihlyj clear up the rumors. Took to her Twitter, Zbihlyj says “Minecraft is NOT Stopping, Mojang is NOT closing.”

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The prank was carried out by Channel45news by sharing hoaxes via Twitter. The website actually has a banner “You’ve been pranked!” But the “news” in the URL may convince a lot of people in a passing glance.

After Microsoft confirmed the rumors are fake, Minecraft players can be happy now. At least, the game won’t shut down in the near future. Are you the one who panics when you first heard the rumor? Let’s comment below!

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