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How to Make a White Bed in Minecraft

How To Make White Bed Minecraft

For a survival game, you can craft all kinds of furniture. You can make a house, bed and many more. This time, we will see how to make a white bed in Minecraft. You can sleep in this bed at night to avoid mobs spawning and attacking you. Furthermore, the bed will reset your spawn point when you slept.

So, let’s check the ingredients needed and how to make it.

Require Materials

To make the White Bed, you need to collect the following items:

  • Wood Plank (3)
  • White Wool (3)

You can use several types of wood plank, including Oak Wood Plank to Acacia Wood Plank.

How to Craft a White Bed in Minecraft

Time needed: 5 minutes.

You can follow the steps below. This is how to make a White Bed in Minecraft.

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  1. Open the Crafting Menu

    First, you’ve to open the crafting menu. Then, you’ll see the 3×3 grids appear in the screen.
    Crafting Menu Minecraft

  2. Add Ingredients

    To make a White Bed, you need 3 White Wool and 3 Plank of Wood. You have to follow the exact pattern of the recipe that you can see in the image below. Fill over the first grid with 3 white wool. Then, fill the second grid with 3 planks of wood.

    How To Make White Bed 2

  3. Finish

    After putting all the ingredients, the result will appear in the right box of the crafting menu. You can save the white bed in your inventory now.

    White Bed Finish

So, that’s how to make a White Bed in Minecraft. Also, we have made a tutorial on how to make Red Bed in the game. Don’t forget to check it and stay tuned in Wowkia for other news and guides.

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