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How to Make Mead Base: Medium Healing in Valheim

Wowkia is back with the Potion tutorial in Valheim. After exploring the Swamp biome, you will discover many new items. By using the item like bloodbag, you can cook Medium Healing potion. But, you need to know how to make Mead Base: Medium Healing beforehand.

Let’s check the explanation along with the image below.

What is Valheim Mead Base: Medium Healing?

It is an item that you can find in Valheim. It is an item for the next stage of Minor healing. Mead Base: Medium Healing can’t be eaten directly. This is an undercooked ingredient, you have to carry out further fermentation to make it a consumable item, called Medium Healing Mead.


Like other Mead base, you will unlock the recipe when you discover Honey and other ingredients, especially the Bloodbag. You can cook it in the cauldron. Here are the required materials:

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How to Make Mead Base: Medium Healing in Valheim

Time needed: 5 minutes.

If you want to make this potion, you can follow the steps below:

  1. The Ingredients

    First, you need to gather all ingredients for the Medium Healing recipe. You need 10 Honeys, 10 Raspberries, 4 Bloodbags, and 1 Dandelion. Then, put them in your inventory, so the cauldron will detect them.
    How To Make Mead Base Medium Healing In Valheim 2

  2. Use Cauldron

    After you prepare the ingredients, you need to interact with the cauldron to open the crafting menu. Come closer and press the [E] key.
    Cauldron Crafting Menu Valheim

  3. Select Mead Base: Medium Healing

    When the menu appears, select the item you want to cook. Select Mead Base: Medium Healing from the list and then click the [Craft] button.
    How To Make Mead Base Medium Healing In Valheim 3

  4. Cooking Item

    Wait for the ongoing process. Once the golden bar is full, your items will be added to your inventory immediately.
    How To Make Mead Base Medium Healing In Valheim 4

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Well, that’s how to make Mead base: Medium Healing in Valheim. You need to ferment the item, and we will write the tutorial later. If you are looking for more Valheim Guides, stay tuned in Wowkia.

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