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How to Get Bloodbag in Valheim

Valheim has a variety of biomes that you can explore. The third biome is Swamp. We recommend you to explore this biome if you already have the proper equipment. In the area, you would found so many items, one of them is a Bloodbag. So, we will discuss how to get Bloodbag in Valheim.

What is Valheim Bloodbag?

It is the item that you can find in Valheim. Bloodbag can be one of the ingredients for some dishes or potions. Furthermore, you can also use this item to crafting furniture.

Bloodbag can be crafted to:

  • Blood pudding
  • Mead base: Frost resistance
  • Mead base: Medium healing
  • Red banner (furniture)

How to Get Bloodbag in Valheim

Leech Valheim
Leech Valheim | Wowkia

As we said earlier, bloodbag can be found in the Swamp biome. But, what is the exact source? The bloodbag was an item drop from Leech, a creature in the biome.

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Like the real world, Leeches are the habitant in a watery area. This biome does appear dark and has watery areas. You will find this creature easily.

How To Get Bloodbag In Valheim 2
Fight Leech | Wowkia

Most of the creatures in the Swamp have intense poison damage and effects. It is recommended that you consume poison-resistant liquor before entering this area. For the weapon, Finewood Bow with Fire Arrow is the best. You can also use Armor sets like Trolls or Bronze to make it harder for you to die.

Usually, Leech lives in groups. They won’t come out of the water, so hit them for a long-range attack. Be careful with other creatures like Draugr and Blob. They will attack you if you are in their aggro.

Bloodbag Valheim 2
Bloodbag | Wowkia

After you kill them, Valheim Bloodbag will be dropped. Take it by pressing the [E] key and the item will be added to your inventory.

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Well, that’s how to get Bloodbag in Valheim. If you need more Valheim Guides, comment below and revisit us. Wowkia will provide updates while playing this game.

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