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How to Increase Firepower and Anomaly Power in Outriders

Outriders game has two critical statuses for you to know. Both are Firepower and Anomaly Power. For those who don’t know, the stats are the same as physical or magic power in RPG games. This stat will affect the damage you give to the enemy. Then, how do you increase Firepower and Anomaly Power in the Outriders? If you want to know more about it, check out the explanation below.

Explanation of Firepower and Anomaly Power

Outriders Firepower Anomaly Power Guide
Outriders Firepower & Anomaly Power | Square Enix

Firepower is a stat that shows a character’s ability to affect damage inflicted through weapons. If you press the exclamation mark in a character’s stats, you can see the base power + power bonus. Base power is a character’s firepower stat that you can get from upgrading nodes or leveling up. Meanwhile, the bonus stat is the power you get from gear or weapons.

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Meanwhile, Anomaly Power is a stat that shows a character’s ability which affects the damage given by melee and the status effect. In other words, Anomaly Power will affect the amount of damage dealt by the player’s active skills.

If you pay attention, Anomaly Power is also divided into two parts, namely base power, and power bonus.

How to Increase Firepower and Anomaly Power

Firepower Weapon Reddit
Firepower Weapon | Reddit

To increase the firepower and anomalous power, you need to collect the set bonuses and invest in the appropriate class nodes. Many of the weapons in the Outriders will provide special effects and stats. You can get stats like Max HP%, Firepower, Anomaly Power. etc.

With the existence of 4 different Outriders classes, the skill tree of each subclass will also vary. You can focus on Firepower or Anomaly Power. Besides that, you can also balance those two power altogether.

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It all depends on what build you are using. For those of you who are more dominant in using weapons, you can increase your firepower. You can see that strength in the stat weapon damage bonus.

Meanwhile, several classes are focused on Anomaly Power. Some nodes increase the Anomaly power up to 40%. So, it’s up to about which you want to increase either Firepower or Anomaly Power.

For more details, you can check all of our characters builds:

So, that’s how to increase Firepower and Anomaly Power in Outriders. We’ll be sharing more of the Outriders Guide. Therefore, stay tuned to our favorite website.

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