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Outriders Leveling Guide: How to Level up Fast!

All games now have a leveling system, and Outriders is no exception. Leveling up faster depends on the skill tree and how strong the character can finish the game. Therefore, Wowkia wants to share the Outriders Leveling Guide: How to Level Up Fast!

To do so, there are several things you must consider. Let’s learn about them below.

How to Level Up Fast in Outriders

1. Build and Skill Tree

Leveling up is so related to build and skill tree that you upgrade. Even indirectly, some nodes enable you to farm level faster. Some nodes allow you to increase your damage, and they will help you take out enemies much faster.

Furthermore, you have to decide on the Outriders class and the build. Leveling Technomance builds, for example, we will be focusing on his increase damage.

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2. Increase World Tier or Not?

Outriders also feature a world-class system. That is, the highest level will have stronger enemies. Most players will rush to raise their World Tier because, of course, the experience they get will be more. However, their character is not yet strong enough, and it is kind of unwise choice.

We recommend sticking to world tier 5, even lower. Just pick the tier you are comfortable with. This is only for making the game a bit more challenging and will not affect how you level up.

3. Doing All Side Missions

The best way to get more XP is by doing all side missions. However, you still have to complete the main missions first. You can complete the side mission if you have more time. Clear them one-by-one starting to the ones that look more enjoyable.

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Side missions such as Payback are pretty quick to complete, and you get decent XP for the completion. So you can jump in, complete the mission, gain XP and repeat the process to farm experience.

4. Outriders Leveling Guide: Mods

Apart from Build and Skill Tree, Mods also play an important role in Leveling Up Outriders. The mods will help increasing your stats, and they are also quite cheap. You can adjust everything depending on the resources you have. Applying mods is cheaper than upgrading your weapons and equipment.

Well, that’s Outriders leveling guide from us. The game is now available on PC via Steam, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Stadia. If you are interested in other Outriders Guide, you can comment below and revisit us.

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