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The Best Build for Technomancer Outriders

We’ve made it clear that Technomancer is a support class at Outriders. This class will focus on healing and scrubbing teammates. Also, he has the skills to overwhelm the boss. However, you need to know the best build for Technomancer Outriders.

Technomancer basically is the long-ranged attack character. He can utilize a lot of gadgets in his arsenal and lay fire from a safe distance. If you focus on the right skill tree and gear mods, you can build it into 3 types.

Well, after understanding the basic information of the abilities of this class. Wowkia will give you several builds that you can apply in the game.

Best Technomancer Outriders Build

1. Leveling Build

The first one is the build for you who didn’t get a legendary loot in the early game. You can use the normal or rare gear to make your character dealing a lot of damage and survival easier.

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Technomancer has the LMGs to the Assault Rifle bracket in the Talents. We can take advantage of getting a lot of Critical Damage, Weapon Damage, and Armor Piercing. Mix it with Exposing Toxing will add +25% damage alongside Toxic to every hit. Mark for Execution and Toxicologist will also increase our Vulnerability effectiveness and Toxic duration.

The game also features debuff, so the Cold Purification mod will ensure the durability of frozen or ignite. Another thing that we lack is resistance which Mr. Fixit’s mod somehow fixes. This mod provides 100% Armor and 30% bonus resistances for 5 seconds whenever we use our Fixing Wave skill, which, by the way, doesn’t have range drop-off.

Weapon and Skill

This Outriders Technomancer build focuses on Cold Snap, Blighted Round, and Fixing Wave skill. Cold Snap is the skill to make the enemy freeze. That makes you free to dealing damage to enemies.

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As we mentioned before, you can equip any LMG with Fusion Blast and Death Chains. Trick Up the Sleeve mod will add 30% extra bullets in the game as long as the Blighted Rounds skill remains active. For emergency healing, you can cast the Fixing Wave.

2. Heals for Days

Do you want to be full-fledged support? You can try this build. It makes you a healer and cc. Of course, this build is perfect for those of you who play parties with friends. Choosing the right Outriders class is a wisdom.


No Pain, No Gain mods grants us 40% of the damage dealt by the Blighted Rounds into healing which is divided equally among all our teammates. You can use the Breath In mod which reduces the cooldown of the Fixing Wave skill, which is another healing skill that we’ve got.

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You can choose the Tech Shaman as a subclass. We’ll want to have as much HP, Armor, and Cooldown Reduction as we can get from the Large Nodes Talents. The Doctor of Medicine and Medical Unit further boost our healing capabilities by a whole lot. Overclocked can be the card that revives with 50% HP whenever we reach zero HP.

Weapon and Skill

This build uses a similar skill from the previous build. You need to change Cold Snap to Cryo Turret. You can inflict Vulnerability is via Exposing Frost, which we’ll get from Cryo Turret or Cold Snap. The nodes also allow us to increase our freeze duration as well as damage against frozen targets.

For the weapon of this Technomancer Outrider build, you can equip Death Chains, Fusion Blast, etc.

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3. Toxic King Technomancer Build

The final build will make you focus on Anomaly Fueled and Ordinance Technician. Both will give more damage via Rocket Launchers, Missile Launchers and ensure that they’re very low cooldown. In addition, you can also extend the duration of Toxic with the Blighted Turret.

You can use Bigger Sector, Rain of Pain, Cannonade, Fortify, Advanced Rockets, Special Delivery, Portable Armory, Rocket Man, Upgraded Gun Modes. These make it easier for you to fight because they give a lot of debuff to the boss.

For the weapon, you can equip Blightbearer or Any Assault Rifle. Grim Inventor will be the best armor set for this build.

Well, that is the best build for Technomancer Outriders. The game is now available on Steam. For more guides and tutorials, don’t forget to revisit Wowkia.

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