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The Best Build for Trickster Outriders

Trickster is the most preferred Outriders class by many players. This class can be upgraded to subclasses such as Assassin, Harbinger, or Reaver. Therefore, you must know the best Trickster Outriders build.

As a close combat character, this character is equipped with many skills that cause serious damage. Apart from fighting skills, you can also use shields and regeneration quickly.

Well, after understanding the basic information of the abilities of this class. Wowkia will give you several builds that you can apply in the game.

Best Trickster Outriders Build

1. The Hitman Build

This Trickster Outriders build will make you a Hitman by using the Assassin subclass. You can rush into the fight and risk it all on that one perfect hit, and then this build is the way to go.

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There are several nodes that you can use to kill one hit. Arms Trick will increase melee weapon damage by 15%. Ace of Trumps makes enemy armor crack faster with a piercing effect. Also, you can mix it up with Chance of Death, which increases the damage of your weapon by 8%.

You can also move faster by using the Outrider Executioner mod, plus Equilibrium which reduces the cooldown of movement skills.

Weapons and Skills

For weapons, you can use all melee weapons and shotguns. This build focus on 3 skills, namely Twisted Rounds, Venator’s Knife, and Hunt the Prey. Twisted Rounds will fill your weapon magazine with Anomaly infused bullets that deal much more damage to enemies. This skill lasts until you reload or change weapons.

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Meanwhile, Venator’s Knife makes you throw a temporal knife at the enemy. The blade will bounce between up to 5 enemies in a small radius, dealing damage and marking them. All marked enemies will receive the slowness effect. The enemy who is first hit by this attack will get double damage. Hunt the Prey is the skill when you can select an enemy, teleport behind them and receive a shield bonus.

2. I Can Do This All Day

If you want to play safer, you can use a more defensive Trickster build in Outriders. The Harbinger is more of a utility tank-style build. Killing enemies does take a long time, but it’s not a problem. You can feel the Devastator Build in Trickster.


The Harbinger subclass is indeed a defense specialist. The addition of a Shield is a skill that makes the Shield even thicker. These nodes can be added to the Shield Timeline, which has the effect of Reducing your Shield’s degradation rate by 30%.

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Your character’s HP will also increase thanks to Anomaly Persistence. Coupled with Odd Longs with an armor-enhancing effect, close combat is not something to worry about. You also have to increase your Anomaly Power to make your attack and defense better.

Weapon and Skills

This build uses similar skills to the previous one. But, you have to change Hunt the Prey skill to be Time Rift. Time Rift will create a shockwave that suspends enemies in the air, leaving them unable to fight for 3.5 seconds and inflicts Weakness.

With the effect, you can do combo skills. To knock up the enemy, you can use Time Rift, and also cast the Venator’s Knife to mark all enemies and weaken them. Last, finish them with the burst damage via Twisted Rounds.

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3. Soul Eater Trickster Build

With the basic Reaver subclass, you will get a different build from Assassin and Harbinger. Reaver is all about lifesteal and increasing skill damage to maximize Anomali’s gifted power.

You’ll have to make sure that you’re building leech and skill damage. Life Transfer will increase your skill leech by 6%. Increase your Anomaly Power by upgrading Concentration, Anomatic Acceleration, Shadow’s Embrace, and Altered Executioner nodes.

The key to snatch your enemies’ souls is to use damage-based skills, as well as making sure you’ve got some sustain to keep you safe. Twisted Rounds and Temporal Blade are perfect for obliterating enemy health bars and recharging yours. Then, Borrowed Time lets you get yourself back to safety in case you get a little carried away.

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Well, that is the best build for Devastator Outriders. The game is now available on Steam. For more guides and tutorials, don’t forget to revisit Wowkia.

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