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The Best Build for Devastator Outriders

Devastator is the best class to choose when you are playing solo or team in Outriders. The class can be tanky and can cause a lot of damage. However, you need to know the best build for Devastator Outriders.

Devastator focuses on gravity and earth-based forces. The characters in this class have many melee skills. Some of them give a bleeding effect that makes the enemy’s HP slowly decreases. With the advantage of close combat, Devastator also has the effect of regenerating HP. If you upgrade the skill tree accordingly, you will get bonuses for health and armor.

Well, after understanding the basic information of the abilities of this class. Wowkia will give you several builds that you can apply in the game.

Best Devastator Outsiders Build

1. Facetank Everything

The first build focuses on improving your health and armor. Using this build, not only will you be capable dealing with incoming damage, but you can also have your enemies bleed, remove buffs, and heal yourself in the process.

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You don’t need to think about equipment for this class. Devastator can use its mod which will cover all its weaknesses.

Auto Reflect basically allows you to use a weapon when the Reflect Bullets skill is active but does not allow you to disable it manually. On the other hand, Golem of Death increases the duration of our Golem skill by 1.5 seconds for every kill we get.

And finally, Bleeding Impulse allows us to bleed the enemy’s blood within a radius of 6m after every two seconds. It synergizes well with Talents like Bloodbath, Red Rivers, and Blood Donation, which increase the effectiveness of Bleeding and provide a healing effect.

Weapon and Skill

Skill is the key when you choose Devastator as your class. There are 2 main skills that you must use. First, Golem basically fortifies us against 65% of all incoming damage for 8 seconds.

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The second skill is Reflect Bullets. It creates a barrier that soaks up all melee and ranged damage for 10 seconds before reflecting it at the attackers. However, in their most basic forms, Reflect Bullets skill doesn’t allow you to utilize the weapons. This is the time when our mods come into play.

2. Boss Melter Build

Unlike the Pyromancer Class, Devastator has more single target skills. The build requires several mods to follow the skills namely Earthquake, Gravity Leap, and Reflect Bullets.


The Strongest First mods are very well combined with the Reflect Bullets skill. This mod will give a 50% bonus damage to the enemy with the most HP. Combined with the Blood Primer, you will make all enemies affected by reflection get a bleed effect.

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Then, if you have got the Auto Reflection mods, it will allow you to fire weapons while using Reflect Bullets. Bullet Acceleration will increase the damage of all reflected bullets by +25.

Weapon and Skill

For the previous Devastator Outriders builds, you don’t need to worry about what weapon you are using since I already explained about Reflection Bullets above.

Other skills you can use are Earthquake and Gravity Leap. Earthquake will give straight area damage. Besides that, you can also interrupt enemies. This skill is perfect for opening. For Gravity Leap, this skill allows you to teleport to the targeted enemy. This skill makes it easier for you to attack.

With the addition of the Mods we described earlier, you will easily defeat the enemy and finish this game.

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3. Soul Crusher Devastator Build

Soul Crusher builds is quite simple. You need 3 skills, Gravity Leap, Boulderdash, and Impale. Gravity Leap allows us to jump into the air and inflict damage from above. With the help of the Life Absorption mod, your HP will be fully recharged.

Boulderdash allows us to crash into things and destroy them. The Primal Rage mod will reduce Boulderdash’s cooldown by 50%, allowing you to spam the skill.

And finally, we have Impale to give Bleed status to the enemy to slightly increase our defensive ability because we will always gonna be in the middle of a fight. Combine this with the Spike Frost mod to increase the number of targets by +1.

Well, that is the best build for Devastator Outriders. The game is now available on Steam. For more guides and tutorials, don’t forget to revisit Wowkia.

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