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The Best Build for Pyromancer Outriders

As a medium-range class character, the Pyromancer in Outriders is quite terrifying. The class can be focused on massive damage with explosive abilities. However, you need to know the best build for Pyromancer Outriders.

You can use Pyromancer melee skills. This attack will give Burn to all enemies in a small AOE. Melee skills don’t take up skill slots or cost you any class points. As you become more proficient, you can perform various combos to convert melee attacks into ground slams that have a larger area effect.

Meanwhile, the Pyromancer’s healing mechanic lets you restore HP whenever an enemy marked by your skill is killed in action. Class traits for Pyromancer include 40% Anomaly Power and Skill Mark to damage enemies for 15 seconds. Killing a marked enemy gives Pyromancer 24% of your max HP.

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Well, after understanding the basic information of the abilities of this class. Wowkia will give you several builds that you can apply in the game.

Pyromancer Build Outriders Skill
Pyromancer Skill | PCGamesn

Best Pyromancer Outriders Build

1. DPS Pyromancer Build

If you have read our Outriders Class explanation, you will know that Pyromancer is difficult for solo. The best way to become a DPS is to increase Anomaly Damage but you can’t ignore investing in maximum health and defense.


The best equipment you need to complete is The Reforged. The legendary set will give you an increase (+ 50%) in Feed the Flames and Thermal Bomb damage. Here are some gear mods that you can use:

  • Head: Big Boom
  • Upper Armor: Final Breath
  • Lower Armor: Burnt-Out
  • Gloves: True Blast
  • Footwear: Hellfire

Weapon and Skill

Weapons are your secondary tools for damage output that mainly use skills to deal damage. Good SMGs and Assault rifles should be fine. Just choose the most comfortable one.

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To build Pyromancer Outriders, you can choose three skills. Go with Heatwave, Feed the Flames, Thermal Bomb. These skills are quite effectively used against the first boss, Gauss.

3. Fire Witch Build

Most players will definitely make this pyromancer Outriders build. As we know, this class is very deadly with lots of AOE skills. Build Pyromancer Fire Witch using Phaser Beam, Overheat, and Eruption skills. You just need to customize the suitable gear to create a strong character.


Lava Lich set is the best gear option for this build. The set has an effect on increased damage of Eruption by 40% and decreases its cooldown by 10%. You need to add Boots of the Reforged from the Reforged legendary set which helps the Pyromancer deal more damage. Here are some gear mods that you can use:

  • Chest Armor: Giga-Blast, Detonator
  • Lower Robe: Improved Damage, Size Matters
  • Gloves: ETNA, Pure Power
  • Footwear: Pompeii, Power Assimilation
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Weapon and Skill

  • Ultimate Bone Sharpnel: Critical shots detonate the enemy’s bones and turning them into shrapnel that deals 5519 damage and inflicts Bleed on enemies within a 5m radius. The cooldown is 3s.
  • Wrath of Moloch: Critical hits cause an explosion, dealing 4481 damage and inflicting Burn on enemies within a 5m radius. The cooldown is 3s.

The Fire Witch build requires you to increase the Tempest branch of the Pyromancer skill tree. This will provide benefits such as increasing damage and reducing the cooldown of some skills. Skill nodes include Archmage, World Ablaze, Mark’s Cumulation, Gifted, Wildfire, Magma Golem, Warm-Up, and Brave Ablaze.

3. Eternal Blaze Pyromancer Build

If you’re looking for a build that gives continuous damage but with a low cooldown, you can choose between Eternal Blaze and Fire Storm. You can use Heatwave, Overheat, and Faser Beam as the main skills. Increasing your Anomaly Strength is important because it impacts Burn damage.

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Follow the Fire Storm skill branch to get 42% Anomaly Power, 20% Burn Damage, 40% Cooldown Reduction for Ignite skills, 40% Health, 25% CDR for Explosive Skills, and 6% for Leech Skills.

The mod for Faser Beam has to focus on doing a lot of damage. We recommend using Frequent F.A.S.E.R, Pure Power, and Size Matters. For Heatwave, use Burnt-Out, Hellfire, Inferno Wave, and Fire Tsunami. And last but not least, Overheat works best with the Detonator, Master Consumer, and Phoenix Force mods.

You can use Ricochet or Hot Blood for your flagship weapon.

Well, that is the best build for Pyromancer Outriders. The game is now available on Steam. For more guides and tutorials, don’t forget to revisit Wowkia.

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