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Darksiders Genesis Puzzle and How to Solve Them!

Darksiders Genesis gives the fun of playing action games with a little puzzle. You will encounter the puzzle in each chapter. To make progress up in the story so you need to solve them. The puzzle often is the obligation if you want to go to the next chapter. So, the Darksiders Genesis Puzzle guide is very important in the game.

Sometimes, solving these will also allow you to use certain tools. We sure you will solve them quickly because the puzzles not too complicated. So let’s check every puzzle solution in each chapter.

Darksiders Genesis Puzzle Guide

1. Trickster Door Puzzle

In the early game, you will encounter a Darksiders Genesis puzzle that asks you to search the key in order to open the Trickster Door. The door will make you access the void in Chapter 1. You can find the key on the north from the center of the Fortress Path.

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If you look at the map, there is a fork splits in two ways. You can straight to the north until you reach the lava area. Cross over the wooden bridge carefully to take the key, and now you can enter the Trickster Door.

2. Void Gate Puzzle

Darksiders Genesis Chapter 1
source: Polygon

In chapter 1, you must find an item known as the Vorpal Blade. The item will appear after you destroyed an object in the middle of a round and red platform. Then, you need to head the right by double jumping between platforms. The puzzle is located in the main center hall of the Void.

When you reach that area, hit the blue button with the blade to open up the gate. Enter and then you must defeat a few monsters. You will look at two blue buttons that you need to hit with the Vorpal Blade.

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As soon as this done, sufficient gust of air will appear. You need to jump up and it will lift up you to the next platform. In the upper there, you will be looking a flame and lanterns. Use the flame to light up the lanterns and you will open a new location.

3. Slag Heap Signs

In chapter 2, you need to solve a puzzle in the Slap Heap area. This is the requirement if you need to face the Slap Demon boss. It is very simple, just straight on your way and crushing enemies to activating signs. The boss will appear at the end of the task.

4. Getting to the Dungeon

You will encounter this puzzle in chapter 3 and you need two players for this one. You need to head to the path in the Furnace. When you reach the gate with huge spikes, you need to jump onto the large pillar with a blue lever on the left. After that, the lever will get lower and make the spike go away.

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Jump back and climb up the gate, do it quickly before the spike come back. In there, press two levers at the same time, you can ask another player to help you. With completing this Darksiders Genesis puzzle, you will allow accessing the dungeon.

5. Temple Dungeon Puzzle

The next Darksider Genesis puzzle is Temple Dungeon in chapter 4. You have to light up four fire beacons with your Vorpal Blade. In this puzzle, you can solve it like what you do in Void Gate Puzzle. After all four beacons light up, the pathway will open and you can enter it.

6. Void Bomb

Darksiders Genesis Puzzle Void Bomb
source: Game Pressure

To open the portal in the end chapter 4, you need to throw the Void Bomb to the wall with a purple mark. It will be just ahead on the other side of the platform. After you beat the Molten Hound, you have to use the Void both to make both the portal gates.

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7. Gate Puzzle

In the game, you will look at six buttons on its sides. You just need to hit the right button to open the gate. You still need the Vorpal Blade and hit the farthest button on the left, then the first button on the right. When the gate is open, throw the void bomb to the portal to the top level.

8. Crystal Keys

Darksiders Genesis Puzzle Poisonous Water
source: Gamex Guide

The next Darksiders Genesis puzzle involves a couple of Crystal Keys. Use Void Bombs to make a portal and throw Bomb Growths inside to destroy the wall. You will get the new path that leads you to a Crystal Key.

The second Crystal Key will find in another way. You must be heading to the hidden wall in the right of the gate. Throw Void Bombs to portal gats, fling your Valor Blade into the portal and it will hit a trigger.

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9. Waterways Puzzle

In chapter 8, you will get the area that has poisonous water. You need to get rid of it by opening the 4 valves so that water can flow out the area. Two valves are located on the waterfall more precisely in behind and on top of the waterfall.

The third one is by the pipes and the last hidden behind the wall that needs to destroy by Bomb Growths.

10. Sphere Puzzle

To solve the puzzle in chapter 11, you need new item Spark Aether to move the sphere along the blue lines and into the yellow object.

11. Treasure Chest Puzzle

The last Darksiders Genesis puzzle is Treasure Chest. You can get on a moving platform and stay until reach a huge pillar to your right. Jump and use the Valor Blade to press the blue button.

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You can make your way by throwing a Void Bomb and jump into it. Hit the button on your right to open up the location of the Treasure Chest.

So, there is the Darksiders Genesis puzzle guide. Wowkia also has Darksiders Genesis Bosses Guide. Thanks for coming, don’t forget to leave a comment below.

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