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GTA Online Diamond Casino Heist Vehicles List

Gta Online Diamond Casino Heist Vehicles List

The new update from GTA Online always brings you new cars. In the Diamond Casino Heist DLC, you will choose 12 new vehicles that you can buy with enough money.

With a new DLC, you can earn money easier. Buying the arcade is one of those tasks you must-do if you want to order the Casino heist. You can be making a plan, manage the criminal activities and get 2.1 Million Dollars from the mission.

When you get them all, buying some expensive cars wouldn’t be a problem right? So, let’s check all GTA Online Diamond Casino Heist vehicles below!

GTA Online Diamond Casino Heist Vehicles

Gta Online Diamond Casino Heist Vehicles
source: Fandom GTA

Of course, the vehicles have different prices. The price determined by their own unique set of features and abilities. With different functions, maybe you can priority to buy it according to your needs.

Here’s all Diamond Casino Heist cars and the price:

  • Boxville – price: $39800, is a utility van
  • Bugstars Burruito – price: $598500, the car very useful if you worry about bugs
  • Blazers Lifeguard – price: $62000, the Quadbike is the cheapest vehicle in this updates, using in the beach
  • Lifequard – price: $865000, same as before, the car so useful if you want to drive on sand
  • Stockade – price: $2240000, the armored vehicle
  • Firetruck – price: $3295000, a fire truck with water cannon, you must be familiar with this

Most of these cars available at Warstock Cache and Carry.

Other Vehicles in This DLC

The San Andreas Super Auto Store Cars:

  • Maxwell Asbo – price: $40800, hatchback car
  • Rapid Retiune MK II – price: $1620000
  • Kevin Everon – price: $1475000, the monster truck
  • If you had the required material, you can check the steps to make this potion below! – price: $2214000, Buggy

Legendary Motorsport Cars:

  • Lampadati Kamoda – price: $1700000, the luxury car will make vide and adrenaline
  • Ubermatch Rebta GTS – price: $11750000, is more luxury than the Kamoda and has godspeed!

So, that’s the list of GTA Online Diamond Casino Heist vehicles. If you looking for another GTA Online guide, you can visit Wowkia again. See you in the next tips.

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