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Darksiders Genesis Creature Cores Guide

For Action-Adventure game, Darksiders Genesis certainly has many features that contained in the gameplay. Previously, we had talked about the arena and the upgrades in DS Genesis. Now, we will discuss on Darksiders Genesis Creature Cores guide.

But before that, let’s see what is the Creature Cores?

Creature Cores in a fragment which is dropped when you killing the monsters. The items have a form like a soul and it can help you to enhance your stats. In the game, you will find two kinds of cores, that is Minor Creature (purple) Core and Major Creature (orange) Core. Your character can accommodate 30 purple cores and 8 orange cores.

How to Get the Creature Cores in Darksiders Genesis

Like we said above, you can acquire the core from standard enemies. When you defeat bosses and mini-bosses, Major Cores will drop for the reward. With a creature core, you will be granted some bonuses like restoration or healing abilities, strengthen damage, and Wrath. Then, the bonuses will be described with heart, sword, and swirl icons.

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Same to other games, Darksiders Genesis also has a slot to equip the cores. It called Creature Core tree in this game. You can be stacked up to 3 times and get more bonuses. Just defeat the same enemy multiple times to get the same creature core. Furthermore, you should care to put the core in appropriate slots.

Effect of Creature Cores

Darksiders Genesis Creature Cores Guide
source: Polygon

You will encounter many cores in the game and they have effect respectively. So let’s check the table below!

Minor Creature Cores

Creature CoreEffect
Armored FleaAttack power increase.
Fallen HoundAttack power increase.
Molten HoundStoneskin deals damage in an area, Caltrops suck enemies into the bombs. Drops two bonus Caltrops at level three.
Void MagusGrants bonus souls but also reduces War and Strife’s health (health loss removed at level three).
GholenIncreases max health, attack, and Wrath power
StringerStoneskin returns damage to attacks, Caltrops drop health orbs. 
Slag FleaFleamag explosions have a chance not to disrupt players (reduces explosion damage at level three).
LegionShadow Clone taunts enemies, Blade Geyser grants war bonus attack damage for a few seconds.
Skeletal SoldierWrath orbs drop more frequently.
Skeletal ArcherKilling enemies boosts movement speed.
Legion ChampionWrath power increase
TraumaRampage creates a blast when it hits an enemy, World Ender is wider.
Shadow CasterReviving a player heals the living player as well.
WraithWrath power increases.
HellhoundSmall chance on an attack to spawn an allied Hellhound to attack enemies.
GhoulGain more Souls from enemies and chests, but reduces Wrath power (Wrath power loss removed at level three).
Legon BomberIncreases Hotstreak build up speed for Strife, reduces War’s damage taken.
Demonic MagusAmmo drop rate increase.
BorrowerWar’s Synergy attack heals both Horsemen, Stife’s Synergy attack gains increased damage.
SufferingWar gains bonus damage resistance after his Synergy attack, Strife gains increased run speed after his Synergy attack.
Phantom GuardShadow Clone’s bullets ricochet, Blade Geyser’s radius increases.
DuskwingMax health increase.
BroodlingHealth orb drop rate increase.

Major Creature Cores

Creature CoreEffect
Legion BoltspitterMax health increase.
Slag DemonChance to leave behind a lava trail after a dash.
Hollow FiendAttack power increase.
AshwormAttack power and Wrath power increase.
JailerKilling an enemy boosts attack power for a few seconds.
DreadwalkerWar can block more damage, Strife gains bonus attack and Wrath power. 
Construct ChampionWar refills a Wrath pip after his Synergy attack, Strife fills 25% of his Hotstreak meter after his Synergy attack
MammonMore health and Wrath orbs, Souls, and ammo drops.
The HoundmasterWrath power increases.
Angelic BeastEvade and parry window increase.
Tormented GateAttack power increase.

So, these are Darksiders Genesis Creature Cores Guide. If you need other tips or guides, please say it in the comment section.

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