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Best Darksiders Genesis Upgrades and How It Work!

Every gamer wants to have a strong character where playing games. In Darksiders Genesis, you need the upgrades to make the game clear faster and it will easier to fight the bosses. So, we will give you some upgrades for War and Strife in Darksiders Genesis.

Best Darksiders Genesis Upgrades

Darksiders Genesis has various types of upgrade and you can make a different combo with them. Several upgrades need to be unlocked and most of these can you got with purchase the skill. Of course, the upgrade can make your damage more hurt. Let’s check below!

Darksiders Genesis Upgrades Fight
source: Games Hedge

1. Enhancement Chain

We recommend you to upgrade the first one. Enhancement Chain can make you end the attack with deal more damage to the enemy. Summary, the upgrade will help you strengthen your sword enhancement attacks.

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2. Flipsaw II

The upgrade is a combo from the ground attack that is added to the aerial strike in the end. When you crashing down, slamming the ground and creating a shockwave. The damage depends on how strong is your sword.

3. Evade Counter

The skill is to make you easier when you fight the bosses. As Strife, you will summon a clone when your evade or dodge. This clone not only diverts the opponent’s attention, but it also can push the enemy.

4. Vengeance

Vengeance also is the defensive upgrade and the counter skill. You can be able to counter-attack after parry because the enemy has many gaps. So, with all of the other upgrades, you can decide and deal with good damage.

5. Potion Health Overflow

After killing the monster, some orbs will approach include health orbs. This upgrade makes you recharge the potion health. The defensive upgrades can be purchased from the vendor, Vulgrim which is an encounter in the early game.

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6. Vessel of the Undying

If you often feel almost dead when fighting, the upgrade will be restoring your health when reach critically low levels. Vessel of the Undying also can you buy in the vendor, Vulgrim.

There are the best upgrades in Darksiders Genesis from Wowkia. We have made guidance on how to unlock arenas in the game. So, don’t forget to visit us for another game tips.

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