Genshin Impact Elements Guide

Genshin Impact is an open-world action role-playing game that is currently being a trending game nowadays. In this game, every character has its own element. There are 7 elements in this game, those are Anemo, Cyro, Dendro, Electro, Geo, Hydro, and Pyro.

Now, I will discuss and elaborate the elements in Genshin Impact . So, let’s get started!

List of Genshin Impact Elements


Genshin Impact Elements Guide
Anemo | Source

Anemo is a wind element. The character who use it are Traveler, Jean, Sucrose, and Venti.


Genshin Impact Elements Guide
Cyro | Source

Cyro is an ice element. The characters who use it are Qiqi and Chongyun. It has Condensed Ice that can reduce 200 percent of stamina consumption. Besides that, it has another effect, namely the Sheer Cold effect. It can reduce your HP every second until you are warmed up again by the designated heat source.

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Genshin Impact Elements Guide
Dendro |Source

Dendro is a natural element. Now the character who uses it is Baizou.


Genshin Impact Elements Guide
Electro | Source

Electro is an electricity element. The characters who use it are Lisa, Keqing, Beidou, Fischl, and Razor. It has an Engulfing Storm effect that can continuously drain Energy Recharge. It can recharge 5 energy every 3 seconds.


Genshin Impact Elements Guide
Geo | Source

Geo is an earth element. The characters who use it are Ningguang and Zhongli.


Genshin Impact Elements Guide
Hydro | Source

Hydro is a water element. The characters who use it are Barbara Mona and Xingqiu. It has a Slowing Water effect that can raise skill cooldown durations to 150%.


Genshin Impact Elements Guide
Pyro | Source

Pyro is a fire element. The characters who use it are Diluc, Klee, Xiangling, and Bennet. It has a Smoldering Fire effect that can continuously inflict damage over time.

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