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How to Get Resin in Valheim

how to get resin in valheim

Valheim is a Viking-like sandbox game. You can build your own tool, weapon, armor, and house. But, for beginners, you need to know how to get Resin in Valheim.

In this tutorial, Wowkia wants to let you know where to find Valheim Resin easily. Read the article till the end.

What is Valheim Resin?

It is one of the primary resources in Valheim. You can craft other items like Torch.


  • Fermenter
  • Fire Arrow
  • Karve
  • Raft
  • Sconce
  • Standing Iron Torch
  • Standing Wood Torch

How to Get Resin in Valheim

Dreyling | Wowkia

In the early game, you didn’t realize you got the item in your inventory. Resin is the drop from Greydwarf/Greyling. When you kill this creature, you will have a chance to get Resin. The drop rate is 90%, and that is suitable for beginners. Plus, you will get other materials like Stone and Wood.

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Beech | Wowkia

Besides, you also can get the resin from Beech’s drop. It is the type of tree that can be found in the Meadows biome. You can cut down the trees with the Stone Axe.

Well, that is how to get Resin in Valheim. Don’t forget to comment below and revisit us if you want more Valheim guides and tutorials.

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