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RUMOR: Valheim Is Coming to Mac Platforms

Rumor Valheim Is Coming To Mac Platforms

Since there was a leak saying that a third-party application showing Steam Database information regarding the Valheim game would appear as soon as possible for the Mac platform, many people started spreading rumors about this.

As you can see in the Steam Database below, several files are detected as the Mac version of the game Valheim, which is currently on the Steam Valve system. This file information is still very new, to be precise, it was added on March 11th. What’s more, from the photo below, we already know that this photo reveals the Valheim development team is working on the Mac version.

Steam Database: Valheim Is Coming to Mac Platforms

Steam Database: Valheim Is Coming to Mac Platforms
Steam Database: Valheim Is Coming to Mac Platforms

If this were really the case, of course, a lot of Mac users would be delighted, although they can play this game on the Windows platform. It’s all just a matter of each platform.

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With this leak, other rumors have started to emerge that the Valheim game will also be coming soon on various other platforms, be it Console, Mobile, or Switch.

Furthermore, there are even video game developers who have said that they are willing to make a Switch version for the Valheim game, namely Panic Button Games, through their comments regarding this rumor.

Apart from that, because Valheim is now a top-rated game on PC, of ​​course, the developer of this game, Iron Gate AB, is of course come to consider about releasing this game on another platform. So, for now, we can only hope that this game will be available on multiple platforms in the future. So, that’s why you should monitor Wowkia for more information about the discussion of Valheim is coming to Mac platform.

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