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All Genshin Impact Characters Age, Height, and Birthday

If you want to know all the Genshin Impact characters age lists, I will discuss them in this article. In addition to the age of the characters, Wowkia will also tell you other information, such as date of birth and height.

Before that, keep in mind that these Genshin Impact characters age, height, and birthday information is not official from Mihoyo, the developer of this Genshin Impact game. So, it can be said that this information is only taken from each lore, appearance, and character story.

Genshin Impact
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If you have understood our discussion this time, here is the information you need regarding this character. Speaking of characters in Genshin Impact, are you also curious about the best waifu in this game? If so, you can view it via this link.

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Genshin Impact Characters Age, Height, and Birthday List

Albedo18September 135’4″
Amber18August 105’4″
AyakaEldest DaughterSeptember 285’2″
Barbara16July 55’2″
Beidou21+February 145’8″
Bennett16February 295’4″
Chongyun17September 75’4″
Diluc22April 306’1″
Diona12January 184’5″
Eula22+October 255’8″
Fischl16May 275″
Ganyu3000+December 25’3″
Hu Tao19July 155’1″
Jean21March 145’7″
Kaeya22November 306’1″
Kazuha19+October 29 5’7″
Keqing17November 205’1″
Klee9July 274’2″
Lisa32June 95’11”
Mona19August 315’5″
Ningguang25August 265’11”
Noelle15March 215’2″
Paimon7+June 12″
Qiqi7March 34’7″
Razor16September 95’5″
Rosaria24January 245’9″
Sayu9October 19 4’4″
Sucrose18November 265’2″
Childe20July 206’1″
Traveler15+Your Data5’1″ / 5’4″
Venti15+June 165’5″
Xiangling14November 25’1″
Xiao2000+April 175’3″
Xingqiu16October 95’4″
Xinyan16October 165’2″
Yanfei18July 285’2″
Yoimiya20June 215’3″
Zhongli28+December 316’1″

That was all the Genshin Impact characters age, height, and birthday list that you need to know. If you are curious about other interesting information like this from the Genshin Impact game, you can say it through the comments column. That way, later I will make other interesting articles again as you want.

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