Age of Empires 2 Cheat, Give Yourself Anything

Here, I will tell you the Age of Empires 2 cheat codes and other important information that you may need. In addition, I will also tell you how to use this cheat, so you don’t have trouble later.

Apart from that, the Age of Empires 2 codes that I tell you in this article are for PC devices. So, if you want to use the codes listed below on the console, but you can’t, that’s natural. If you already understand, here’s how to cheat in Age of Empires 2.

Age Of Empires 2 Cheat Codes
Age of Empires 2 Cheat Codes | Age of Empires Fandom

How to Cheat in Age of Empires 2

To use cheats in the game Age of Empires 2 is arguably very easy. You only need to open the chat field, then enter the Age of Empires 2 cheat codes below. You can also do “Simple Copy” so you don’t get tired of typing the cheat below by (CTRL + C for Copy and CTRL + V for Paste).

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Age of Empires 2 Command Line Parameters

Before using the cheat codes below, it’s a good idea to use the Age of Empires Command Line Parameters first. This needs to be done as bait so that the cheat codes below can be used or work.

  • AUTOMPSAVE – Auto save
  • NORMALMOUSE – Default mouse driver
  • NOTERRAINSOUND – Disable ambient sounds
  • NOMUSIC – Disable music
  • NOSOUND – Disable sounds
  • NOSTARTUP – Disable FMV sequence
  • MFILL – Fix various display issues
  • AWE FREEZES MSYNC – Fix sound problems
  • Resolution (800 x 600) – 800
  • RECOMMENDED Resolution (1024 x 768) – 1024
  • Resolution (1280 x 1024) – 1280

Age of Empires 2 Cheat Codes: Miscellaneous

As the name suggests, the Age of Empires 2 cheat codes below can get or achieve various things. Especially this Miscellaneous cheat can make you use instant building, win the game instantly, and many more.

  • aegis: Instant building, researching, resource gathering, and training that applies for all players, the AI included. Can be toggled on or off if used repeatedly.
  • i r winner: Win the game instantly.
  • resign: Lose the game instantly.
  • black death: All other players die, including allies.
  • noui: Disables user interface ingame. To get it back, type noui again.
  • wimpywimpywimpy: The player commits suicide, resulting in immediate defeat.
  • torpedo <1-8>: Instantly defeats the selected opponent.
  • woof woof: Turns birds into Stormy Dogs.
  • !mute: Silences taunts.
  • !nomute: Undoes the !mute code.
  • Going Above and Beyond: Lets the player research the same technology up to 256 times, stacking the effects (first available in the “Greatest medieval technologies” event, then released for all players with update 51737)
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Age of Empires 2 Cheat Codes: Units

Just as the name suggests, here, with this code, you can create various units, troops, and the like for this one. In fact, with the cheat codes below, you can summon Sharkatzor in the Age of Empires 2 game.

  • how do you turn this on: Creates a Shelby Cobra that rapidly fires bullets.
  • to smithereens: Creates a Saboteur.
  • natural wonders: Control nature, but lose control of the player’s civilization. This condition is irreversible.
  • i love the monkey head: Creates a VMDL that does nothing except spying the enemy. Buildings can fire if garrisoned.
  • furious the monkey boy: Creates Furious the Monkey Boy. Multiple units of this type cannot be selected to move and attack unless they are close together.
  • i don’t exist : Summons a Penguin.
  • alpaca simulator: Summons an Alfred the Alpaca.
  • catzor: Summons a Sharkatzor.
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Age of Empires 2 Cheat Codes: Resources

To build, farm, or the like, of course, you need money. However, you don’t need to do that anymore by using the cheat codes below because now you can get them with one ENTER.

  • ninjaconnor: Gives 100,000 of each resource (since The Forgotten).
  • ninjalui: Same as ninjaconnor.
  • rowshep: Same as ninjaconnor and ninjalui.
  • cheese steak jimmy’s: Gives 10,000 food (1,000 before The Forgotten).
  • lumberjack: Gives 10,000 wood (1,000 before The Forgotten).
  • robin hood: Gives 10,000 gold (1,000 before The Forgotten).
  • rock on: Gives 10,000 stone (1,000 before The Forgotten).

Age of Empires 2 Cheat Codes: Maps

Maybe some of you Age of Empires 2 players feel that the cheat maps below are not very useful. However, some players find this cheat code maps very useful. So, for those of you who want to use it, go ahead.

  • marco: Reveals map (on-off mode).
  • polo: Removes fog of war (on-off mode).
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Age of Empires 2 Bonus Cheat: Event Codes

These cheat codes are only available upon completing challenges during events in the Definitive Edition and cannot be acquired after the event concludes.

  • photon man: Creates a Photon Man (Age of Empires anniversary event and “Celebrating the Ages” event).
  • Tech Tech One Two Free: Makes technologies free (“Greatest medieval technologies” event).
  • Yes We Khan: Turns all of the player’s Mangudai into Genghis Khan in the Genghis Khan campaign (“Mongolian civ” event).
  • Put on your capes: Turns all of the player’s infantry into Elite Teutonic Knights (“Teuton civ/Oktoberfest” event).
  • grab your pitchforks: Turns all of the player’s Villagers into Flemish Militia (“Women of History” event).
  • cameleon: Transforms Camel units owned by any player into Flaming Camels. (“Celebrating the Ages” event)
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Those were all Age of Empires 2 codes that will allow you to do various things in the game. In addition to this cheat from the age of Empires 2, Wowkia also has many other game cheats that you can see here. So, if you want other game cheat codes, don’t forget to say it in the comments column!

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