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The Best Build for Kai’sa in LoL: Wild Rift

Previously, we shared The Best Build For Master Yi In LoL: Wild Rift. For your information, LoL: Wild Rift is currently a MOBA game that is quite discussed made by Riot Games. In LoL: Wild Rift champion tier list, there is one interesting role, namely Assassin. One of the best assassin champions is Kai’sa.

Some assassins are overpowered, especially the newest Assassin that comes out. But if you already master several champions, you will increase the chance to win every game easily. If you are still confused about what builds to use for every champion, we will guide you for free. But for this time, let’s focus on the best build for kai’sa.

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Here is The Build for Kai’sa in LoL: Wild Rift

Disclaimer: The Best Build for Kai’sa in LoL: Wild Rift below is based on the author’s personal opinion, and you may not think the same way about this. So if you have another recommendation to put in here, please tell us in the comment section.

Wowkia Games Team

Ka’isa’s Skills

Before getting into the best build recommendations for Kai’Sa Wild Rift. We recommend that you understand her abilities first. She has the nickname Daughter of the Void. Kai’Sa’s second skill is deadly because it can hit enemies periodically. So, she is overpowered in the good hands. That’s why we will give you several tips to make you become a pro player.

The Build for Kai’sa

Build Terbaik Kaisa Wild Rift
Best Build for Kai’sa in LoL: Wild Rift


  • Manamune

Top Tier Physical item that costs 2700 Gold. Due to the +25 Attack Damage +300 Max Mana +10% Cooldown Reduction stats, you receive from it.

  • Blade of The Ruined King

Top Tier Physical item that costs 3100 Gold. Due to the +30 Attack Damage +30% Attack Speed stats, you receive from it.

  • Runaan’s Hurricane

Top Tier Physical item that costs 2800 Gold. Often built on Attack Damage champions, due to the +25% Critical Rate +45% Attack Speed stats you receive from it.

  • Infinite Edge

Top Tier Physical item that costs 3400 Gold. Often built on Attack Damage champions, due to the +60 Attack Damage +25% Critical Rate stats you receive from it.

  • Gluttonous Quicksilver

An Enchantment for a Boots item that costs 500 Gold. Often built on a variety of champions, due to the Quicksilver Active you receive from it.

  • Guardian Angel

Top Tier Defense item that costs 2800 Gold. Often built on Tanky champions, due to the +45 Attack Damage +40 Armor stats you receive from this item.

Runes for Kai’sa LoL: Wild Rift

Build kai'sa wild rift
Item Kai’Sa
  • Conqueror

A Keystone Rune; basic attacks and abilities generate stacks of Conqueror on enemy champions hit, up to one per attack or cast. Each stack of Conqueror lasts 8 seconds and grants 2 – 6 (based on level) bonus Attack Damage or 4 – 12 (based on level) Ability Power (Adaptive), stacking up to 5 times, for a maximum of 10 – 30 (based on level) bonus Attack Damage or 20 – 60 (based on level) Ability Power (Adaptive).

  • Gathering Storm

A Minor 1 Domination Rune, Every 2 min, gain 2 AD or 4 AP. (Adaptive) You will unlock this rune at level 4.

  • Spirit Walker

A Minor 2 Resolve Rune, Gain 50 max health and 20% slow resistance. You will unlock this rune at level 10.

  • Sweet Tooth

A Minor 3 Inspiration Rune, increases Honyfruit healing by 25%, Each fruit also provides 20 gold. You will unlock this rune at level 8.

Spells for Kai’sa LoL: Wild Rift

Build Terbaik Kai'sa Wild Rift

The combination of two battle spells, namely Flash and Heal, can be highly recommended because of Heal Restore 80 − 360 (based on level) health and grants 30% bonus movement speed for 1 second to you and the most wounded nearby ally champion (120-second cooldown). Flash is Teleport a short distance forward or towards the aimed direction (150-second cooldown). The two battle spells can also help Kai’Sa escape from the enemy.

What Is Your Opinion About This Kai’sa Build?

So that is the best build for Kai’sa in LoL: Wild Rift! If you want to add something, we love to know about it in the comment! If you get to Challenger easily with this build tips, let us know about it too. You may want to know: 10 Best Support Champions In LoL: Wild Rift

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