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Elder Scrolls Fans Reveal Details of the Game’s Strange Story

As we know, The Elder Scrolls is a game filled with mysteries that are difficult to solve. However, that doesn’t mean all these mysteries are terrible things, let’s say monsters for example.

Speaking of mysteries, recently there were Elder Scrolls fans who revealed strange details in the game’s story. This story itself had previously never occurred to most Elder Scrolls players.

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This strange story was first revealed by a Reddit user named JGraham636 who used The Elder Scrolls Lore subreddit to ask or answer several questions. While on the subreddit, he asked: “Which races in the Elder Scrolls sweats?” Considering this question, naturally many users would immediately think of the Human race. However, the post also stipulates that races such as Orcs, Dunmer, and Bosmer can also sweat. Because of this strange answer, many people assume that these races are actually very similar to humans.

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After discussing it for quite a long time, this post then heated up again after an even more terrifying answer. Like the wild beasts in the Elder Scrolls, they also can sweat, for example, the Argonians who look like lizards, and Tamrielics who look like snakes. What’s more, apart from sweating, these beasts also possessed strange traits. For example, the Argonians (lizards) are active during peak hours when real-world lizards are less active during these hours.

Regardless, it is finally revealed in this subreddit that the cat-like Khajits are the only races that don’t sweat. With all the strange conversations in this subreddit, there are finally a lot of strange stories that have been revealed in the Elder Scrolls series.

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