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Reboot a Friend Fortnite Program Explained

Recently, Fortnite game developer, Epic Games, has reintroduced the Reboot a Friend program. This upgraded program itself is designed to get players back into the game, the same as before.

However, even though it has been explained by Epic Games, there are still many players who do not understand the meaning of this program. So, that’s why Wowkia will explain to all of you who don’t understand this Reboot a Friend program.

Reboot A Friend Fortnite
Reboot a Friend Fortnite | Epic Games

What is the Reboot a Friend Program Fortnite

As the name implies, Reboot a Friend is a program created to provide incentives to players who haven’t played the game for a long time. By playing matches with players who haven’t played the game for 30 new or more, the players can gradually earn various prizes. The prizes include Like the Toxic Flash Glider, Plasma Carrot, Heartbeat Wrap, Reboot Spray, and Pickaxe which come in two different styles.

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Not only that, if we invite up to 1-3 players, we can get 100 bonus points on the first game that is completed with an eligible friend. The squad members who reboot will also get 100 points.

How to Join the Reboot a Friend Program

To participate in the Reboot a Friend program at Fortnite, you can do it easily. First, the player must invite someone who hasn’t played the game for 30 days or more. Second, after inviting, and the players who have not played enter the game, both of them will get 100 points for the first prize of the program (a maximum of 4 full squad invitations).

To get additional points, you can play together, and collect points to buy prizes from this Reboot a Friend program. Keep in mind, this program will only last until 26 April. So, it’s best to follow before the time is up if you want to get free gifts.

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