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How to Get Queen Bee in Valheim

Honey is the main ingredient for making honey based food in Valheim. Just like other survival games, you need to find a wild bee nest to get it. This method will certainly make it difficult, especially since these sources cannot respawn in this game. Therefore, we will learn how to get Queen bee in Valheim.

What is Valheim Queen Bee?

Queen bee is one of the items that you can find in Valheim. Different from other creatures, it did not roam in the wild. It will be a dropped by bee nest item.

How to Get Queen bee in Valheim

Abandoned House Valheim
Abandoned House Valheim | Wowkia

The first thing you should know is the location of the Queen Bee. According to sources, you will find the item in a beehive in an abandoned house. Finding it will take some time, so you should be patient.

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In the early game, you can find vacant homes in the Meadows biome. Usually, this is indicated by the amount of furniture available. You will see a broken house with a chest filled with random loot. Apart from that, there is also the village of Draugr, which looks like an abandoned village.

Beehive In Abandoned House
Beehive In Abandoned House | Wowkia

You will realize that the house contains a beehive easily. When you enter it, your character looks poisoned. As we know, bees can sting, and it will reduce health points. That actually makes sense because the Valheim Queen bee is in the house.

After that, look for beehives around the house. Oftentimes, the beehive hangs from the roof of the house. It would be best if you certainly had a weapon like the Finewood bow to destroy the beehive. Shoot the beehive, and it will drop a few items.

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How To Get Queen Bee In Valheim
Queen Bee | Wowkia

In a beehive, you often find 1 Queen bee and 1 Honey. You can press the [E] key to pick it up or walk through it. The item will be placed in your inventory, and you can check it later.

Well, that’s how to get Queen Bee in Valheim. In the next article, we will give the beehive tutorial. So, don’t forget to share and revisit us for more Valheim Guides.

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