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Valve Announced The Next Three Steam Game Festival

The Steam Game Festival will be returning very soon. But, this time, Valve has confirmed that two more game demo events will follow in the coming year. Throughout 2020, users have been served to several Game Festival events. It has provided them with plenty of free demos. At this point, it’s absolutely clear that they’re not going away anytime soon. The Steam Game Festival will return in October and more plans for future events. Expected it coming next year.

It’s easy to see why these have become so popular. The slate of demos that make up the seasonal events offer developers a prominent platform to showcase their works and give players a chance to try out games that would usually fly under their radar. Most recently, the summer Steam Game Festival highlighted plenty of promising games, and this fall’s installment will likely have more to share.

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However, there’s been a question hanging over the recent announcement of the next event. At the time, Valve suggested that it will host more festivals in 2021, but it didn’t say when exactly. That changed this week when Valve designer Alden Kroll revealed on Twitter. He revealed that two events are currently planned for next year, with one taking place in February and the other in June.

Steam Game Festival is coming in October

Besides letting people try out games on Steam for free, the Steam Game Festivals have provided indie developers. To market their games in the absence of the regular conventions that have been canceled because of COVID-19. While it remains to be seen if they’ll be back in 2021, it’s good to know that smaller studios will have a way to make their titles more visible either way.

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The Steam Game Festival: Autumn Edition will run from October 7 through 13, and submissions are open until August 26.

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