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Here’s the Most Complete Valheim Cheat and How to Use It!

Even though it hasn’t been around for long, I don’t know why Valheim already has Cheats in it. To enlighten this notion, I will share and elaborate the most complete Valheim Cheats for those of you who are tired of playing this game and want a quick way to get though the journey!

The cheat below itself can get you various things, starting from Gods Mode, Infinite Health, Items, and many other stuff in the Valheim game.

How to Access and Activate Valheim Cheats

Moreover, to use this cheat yourself is very easy. You only need to press the F5 key on the keyboard while in the game, then enter the code “imacheater” in the Command Table. After that, you can now use all the cheat codes below as you like by entering the Command column’s cheat code earlier. Okay, if you’ve done it, here’s the cheat code in Valheim!

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Main Valheim Code

By using the main code from this Valheim cheats, you will get many things, from filling up your blood continuously, God Mode, enemies can’t detect you, killing all the creatures around you, and much more.

  • god – God Mode, invulnerable and One Hit Kill
  • ghost – The enemy cannot detect and attack you from any distance
  • raiseskill [skill] [amount] – Increases the character’s Specific Skill
  • resetskill [skill] – Reset the character’s Skill to 0%
  • resetcharacter – Reset skills and fill in the character’s Inventory
  • heal – Increase your Health Bar (Life) to full
  • puke – Reset the Character’s hunger, Life (Health Bar), and stamina levels
  • hair – Makes your character bald without hair
  • beard – Makes your character have no beard
  • model [nr] – Changes the gender of the character from boy to girl, use the numbers 0 or 1
  • dpsdebug – Disable the DPS Indicator
  • players [nr] – Changed the Difficulties level with numbers 1-3
  • freefly – Photo Mode (Free Camera)
  • ffsmooth 1 – Free camera smoothing
  • ffsmooth 0 – Resets free camera smoothing
  • save – Force save the game
  • exploremap – Remove Fog
  • resetmap – Opens an enclosed area on the map
  • pos – Shows the coordinate address of the character
  • goto [x, y] or goto [x, y, z] – Teleport using the coordinate number
  • location – Activates Spawan Points
  • killall – Kill all enemies in the area around the character
  • tame – All creatures will follow the character
  • removedrops – Remove all items that fall on the ground
  • wind [angle] [intensity] – Changing the cardinal points, with an angle of 0 for north and intensity 0 – 1
  • resetwind – Reset the cardinal points to normal
  • tod [nr] – Change the time, use 0 and 1 to midnight, 0.5 for noon, and -1 set to Normal
  • skiptime [nr] – Skip several hours using numbers
  • sleep – Skip for a full day
  • event [name] – Starts the Boss Event
  • stopevent – Stop the Boss Event
  • randomevent – Randomly activates the Boss Event
  • spawn [item] [quantity] [level] – Spawn the specified item (item code is below)
  • debugmode – Enter Creative Mode, here are the settings:
    Z – Disable Flying Mode
    K – Kill all enemies in the surrounding area
    B – Disable crafting and repairing without using WorkBench
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Valheim Server Commands Code

By using the Server Commands code, you can find out how to actually use the Valheim Cheats. So, if you really like this cheat, but are confused about how to use it, don’t forget to use this Server Commands code!

  • help – Shows the entire list of Console Command in the Valheim game
  • ping – Shows Ping on the server you are running
  • lodbias [nr] – Changed the Draw Distance using numbers 1-5
  • info – shows System Information
  • kick [name / ip / userID] – Kick the player who is currently in your folder
  • ban [name / ip / userID] – Ban the player from entering your folder again
  • unban [ip / userID] – Unban the player you banned
  • banned – Shows a list of all the players you have banned
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Valheim Spawn Item Code

By using the Valheim Cheats code below, you can spawn the various items you want. What’s more, you can also adjust how many items will come out by using the code spawn [item] [quantity] [level]. What’s more, if you don’t know what items are in the Valheim game, you can see them via this link.

  • BlackMetal
  • BowHuntsman
  • FineWood
  • Flint
  • Haldor
  • Obsidian
  • Portal
  • Silver
  • SledgeStagbreaker
  • TrollHide

Valheim Cheats Illustration
Valheim Cheats Illustration | Polygon

That was the Valheim cheats which will help those of you who are tired of playing this game for so long. So, how are you doing well when using this cheat? If not, don’t hesitate to ask Wowkia via the comments column!

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