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Eula Gameplay Leaks, Here are Her Attacks and Elemental Skills

Genshin Impact has given us a v1.4 update, but the leaks about v1.5 have also been spread worldwide. The rumor said that there are 2 new characters that will be playable in the game. Recently, Eula Gameplay, the new 5-star character has been revealed as well.

So, are you interested in the attack pattern of this character? If so, let’s check it out below.

Eula Gameplay

As we know, Eula is a Claymore user with Cryo vision. Her Normal Attacks look different from other Claymore users. But, since Eula is the 5-star character, she has the same Basic Attack as Diluc.

Eula’s Charged Attack is also similar to Diluc and Beidou. Her Elemental Skill, like Chongyun, will freeze the area, but with a different action animation. Also, the leaker has shared Eula Elemental Burst, you can see it in the newest article. We all know that miHoYo has strict regulations about the Genshin Impact, thus the leakers must be careful in spreading rumors.

Eula Genshin Impact Details

Eula is the Captain of the Knights of Favonius Reconnaissance Company. She is tall with blue hair and wearing black-white clothes that really resembles Mondstadt-style.

Her C1 will increase Physical DMG by 30% for 6 seconds. Then, C2 allowed her to reduce the Elemental Skill’s cooldown from 10 seconds to just 4 seconds. C3 will increase 3 levels of Glacial Illumination skill. Then, her C4 increases Lightfall Swords’ DMG by 25%. C5 increases Icetide Vortex’s level by 3 levels, and last, her C6 increases Energy Recharge after casting Elemental Skills and Burst.

Well, that’s the Eula Gameplay and several revealed details. Until now, miHoYo has yet announced Genshin Impact v1.5. You can’t believe the rumor, there is a possibility that the content will change. We must wait for the official information from the publisher.

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