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How to Make Troll Leather Helmet in Valheim

A helmet is a piece of armor that you can make in a survival game. This headgear does have the same function as other armor. So, we will discuss Valheim Troll Leather Helmet. Let’s see how to make it and what materials are needed.

What is Valheim Troll Leather Helmet?

It is one of the Troll Sets. The helmet will give you 6 armor points. If you equip a full set (4 of them), it makes you more sneaky. Sneak +25%. You can also upgrade this item to level 4, which is increased by 2 points of armor for each level.

Troll Set Armor:


Troll leather helmet unlocks when you discover the Troll hide and you can craft it in the Workbench level 3. Here are the required materials:

  • Troll hide (5)
  • Bone fragment (3)
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Troll hide is the items dropped by Troll. So you have to defeat that big creature, read Valheim Troll Guide from us to help you obtain one. Meanwhile, you can get the bone fragment by defeating Skeleton in Burial Chambers.

How to Make Troll Leather Helmet in Valheim

Time needed: 5 minutes.

To make Troll Leather Helmet, you can follow these instructions:

  1. The Materials

    Make sure you have gathered the materials before hand. Troll Leather Helmet recipe needs 5 troll hides and 3 bone fragments.
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  2. Open Crafting Menu

    After gathering the materials, open the workbench crafting menu by interact with it. You can press the [E] key when you are near it.
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  3. Select Troll Leather Helmet

    Once done, select the troll leather helmet from the item list. The item stat will appear on the right side. Then, click the [Craft] button.
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  4. Crafting Troll Leather Helmet

    Last, wait for a second until the process is running. If the indicator full, the helmet will be placed in your inventory.
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Well, that’s how to make troll leather helmet in Valheim. You can make more armors, like Leather Set, Bronze Set, etc. We will give them in the next article. So, follow Wowkia and revisit us for more Valheim Guides.

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